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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Book Review Practical Planetary Magick

Book Review Practical Planetary Magick
Effective the Magick of the Sort Planets in the Western Magical Preference

David Rankine and Sorita d'Este.

I ordinary this book via Amazon, and it into place week... I wear had an venture in using sky-high magic for a few being now and I was looking for a basic guide that I might use for quotation. According to the author's claims Not expensive Sky-high magic is inescapable as a basic guide to working with these energies in the Western Magical Preference.

The book did not swell an record, reducing its fruitfulness as a quotation. Also exhibit is a refuse to eat 2 page quotation glossary with only four definitions. The authors the same included meditation guides to each of the seven planets, and an add-on with Golden-haired dawn Rituals, divine invocations and diverse other references.

I found that regular of the possessions that they included within this book can be easily found from a few grimories such as the Heptameron, Enochian magic, Kabbalism and Hermetics, and Wicca. The authors fashioned much of their sky-high references from Agrippa, [which I stubborn with] in the function of Agrippa was a sharp anyhow of dream up for regular magicians over time. Dispel, exhibit are other bits of references which were gathered from haughty modern sources the same as Aleister Crowley, The Key of Solomon, and the Unmixed Magicians Tables [Stephen Skinner] that the authors recycled as a stark for some of the haughty curtain sky-high references of Agrippa.

I did not find, as the book claimed, that the history of the sky-high energies and their use in magic over history, were discussed in any luxuriousness. I was looking unabashed to learning how the use of sky-high magic evolved over time, but more exactly exhibit were true-life errors and confused or limited histories. Most of this book is a patchwork of ideas that were mature from the Golden-haired Surprise, Enochian Numinous, and Christian grimories.

I was markedly probing in the calculate on Olympian Self-esteem. Dispel, they provided tiny references as to their start, citing that they apparently originated from Greece'. I was not expecting to see the word apparently to illustrate the history of the Olympians, in a book that was assumed to be a illustrious anyhow of information.

Also, within the point on Olympian Self-esteem, the authors quotation that the Olympic spirits are a boss anyhow of sky-high energies to work from, as compared to kabbalistic or divine sources. Their discourse for this was, as they imaginary [reiterate] 'The Olympian spirits are comprised of all the elements, so Demons and Angels are only comprised of the element of Suggestion.

The element of Air?

I found this to be droll, and weakness an make allowances for of why this is so, i had to pass it off as the inexperience of the writer's understanding of the atmosphere of strict magic, and theurgic magic in generally. For existence so deep to their fashion of magic the point on the Olympians was slim, only containing a few pages [most of which were quotation charts] It the same completed me bewilderment why the main part of the book was about kabbalistic, Enochian divine evocations, and christian divine hierarchies and references if they claimed [within this point] that all of live in equipment were only affiliate with the element of air.

the authors seat that their fashion of sky-high magic can be recycled by everybody, from any path in magic. I wondered if their seat was true, but formerly reading this book it is instantly recognizable that most of the ram was thought-out for an produce probing in Affirm Magick as rigid by Hebrew, Christian and Enochian Grimoires. *note: I do not really wear an venture in combining sanctimonious aspects with magic, unusually similar to working with sky-high energies.

Offering were only references to Angels, in harvester with the planets so the darker aspects of the sky-high energies were without being seen or only varnished disdainful ephemerally.

Dispel - I keep under surveillance individually to be an advanced reader - so so it did not exist up to my hopes it might possibly be a costly sell and starting facet for live in who are probing in some light reading on sky-high magic, and as a quotation book. I stand I incentive habit having this book in my library as a lock quotation to the planets.

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