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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Polytheism Ishtar Day

Polytheism Ishtar Day
COLOR: "Pottery red, terra cotta"

ELEMENT: "Earth"

OFFERINGS: "Grains. Stars. Give food to those who need it."

DAILY MEAL: "Wholegrain bread. Cooked grains. Milk and dairy products."

ALTAR: Set with a cloth of earthy red, and on it place a pitcher of milk and another of wine, bowls of wood and clay filled with grains, olives, figs, and dates, a star, and the figure of a lioness.


I beseech thee, Lady of Ladies,

Goddess of Goddesses,

Ishtar, queen of all cities,

Leader of all men.

Thou art the light of the world,

Thou art the light of heaven.

At thy name the earth and the heavens shake,

And the gods they tremble;

The spirits of heaven tremble at thy name

And the men hold it in awe.

Where thou glancest the dead come to life,

And the sick rise and walk;

And the mind that is distressed is healed

When it looks upon thy face.

Call and response:

For lo, I am the Keeper of the Storehouse

And I am generous to all men!

From my breasts nourishment spills

From my hands nourishment flows

From my heart nourishment streams

I am the Morning Star

I am the Evening Star

I am the Star of Heaven

And I give unto all humanity.

(After this, all should being the work of inventorying all the resources of the house, in Ishtar's name, so that they may be used more efficiently and that it can be known what can be given to others out of generosity.)

Found in: Pagan Book of Hours