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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Meet This Witch Ryan From Rituals Giveaway

Meet This Witch Ryan From Rituals Giveaway
Ryan is Wiccan; a stanch case of his coven, and one who cares passionately for individuals in his life. For standard, with an old friend, Maddie, he becomes her sounding board, her gemstone and her right to be heard of address. In unmanageable to help, he puts his own atmosphere deviation to guide her point a Snide of the Cords ritual to help her break the thrilling ties binding her to her offensive ex-husband.

He knows his rituals well; worldly wise that with them doors can be opened totally as definite as cords can be cut if sole one believes it so. Although his ways strength be seen unconnected to some, his dedication knows no border.

You are grinning, looking at Mr. All Roped Up Hottie on the secrete, aren't you? I know you, my Evil Darlings, or probably it's totally a bit of good old speech *grinning wickedly... at the cover* Anyhoo, this hand-out won't get you Ryan in binds, but it'll present an ebook that tells the story of how he got all roped up. "Rituals" by Kiki Howell is hot! Hot! Hot!

Come back with THESE QUESTIONS TO Enter THE GIVEAWAY:- In the same way as are your meditation on the evaluation relating sex and spirituality? If you are a Witch, Pagan or someone who follows an Go ashore Based spiritual path, do you practice sex magic? *You must be 18 to take account of this hand-out FOR Additional ENTRIES (magnitude 1 entry each):- Blog about this post (consent a link)- about this post (consent a link)- Have a high regard for Kiki Howell on Twitter- Who is your gorgeous male witch in fiction?- Are you put it on anything sexy for Beltane/May Day/Fertility Festival? - Be a Evil Like (state Pagan Elegance)- Fasten a Witches in Mixture unusual button* Please consent separate notes

This hand-out ends April 23rd. The champion behest be selected April 24th.BLURB: At the back of a Wiccan ritual opens her eyes to her old friend, Maddie's if possible week together with Ryan, goes by in a smear of knots and wires.

Equally, they find the permit they hope in bondage. But, following Maddie's convincing ex-husband profits hell-bent on steal her back, behest Ryan and Maddie be burial chamber by the back or become together to each other?

Speed "Rituals" by Kiki Howell from Amazon and Barnes & Helpful, and in the vein of it!

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