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Friday, 2 January 2009

Pocket Guide To Chaos Magick

Pocket Guide To Chaos Magick Cover

Book: Pocket Guide To Chaos Magick by Frater Fp

There is a syllabus of sorts in Liber Null which is worthwhile pursuing, and the Pact offer other courses, I gather. Don’t forget that the Chaos in Chaos Magick refers to a scientific model which maps dynamic systems, such as clouds or water, and is not a reference to disorganisation or anarchy! Chaos magick should be approached from a scientific viewpoint, remember the stages at school; Introduction, Postulate, Experiment, Observation, Results, Theory? However, the freedom comes with not having to adopt a belief system prior to experiment, so you are free to try whatever techniques from whichever systems you feel attracted to. The downside is why bother? Chaos Magick, like NLP in psychology, is an eclectic bunch of approaches, but has no overarching goal or aim. Initiation and Enlightenment do not feature in its canon aside from as method and side-effect. If you make your goal excellence in technique, then this is the system for your attitude, if you approach it rigorously.

Download Frater Fp's eBook: Pocket Guide To Chaos Magick

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