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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Hail Mary Full Of Eggs Blessed Be Thy Cholesterol

Hail Mary Full Of Eggs Blessed Be Thy Cholesterol
Oksana Mas, a Ukrainian musician, has created a outstanding tableau film of the Virgin Mary using 15,000 Ukrainian Easter generate. It is recently on have on at the Saint Sophia House of worship in Kiev. The tableau is 7 x 7 meters in mass, weighs 2.5 oodles and took nine months to edge. The mannered generate were decorated by the musician and by children from all crossways the nation. Arrived is Oksana Mas in van of her masterpiece:

A nearer view of the Virgin's face:

You can really see the appropriate generate in this forlorn close-up of Her eye:

I love how the Set apart Close relative seems to be mounting up out of the unhappy -- She is the Holy being Returning! The Virgin who births the Superhuman, She is comprised of the height sumptuousness symbol -- generate. And is it basically a chance that She is like displayed at a cathedral sacred to the female saint, Sophia -- She who is Blessed Wisdom?

And what an pronouncement of traditional Ukrainian culture with all persons sizable, decorated eggs! I'm confirmed nearby is a fan make a note of as well -- that an neutral Ukraine rises from the bottomless black pit that was Soviet Russia.