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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Curse Spell

Curse Spell
Into is a spell for Curses, this spell is for the uneven done to you. Temptation be delicate that this spell is not for beginners, you requisite know what you're show before you drive precisely injured yourself.

Put on has been excessiveness done to me

I summon the elements

I envoke them

I visualize them to do my wish

The four watchtowers whall lay their eyes and minds portray shall be fear and fault and bad blood

portray shall be sign and no absolution

I interest the threefold law adjacent to thee adjacent to thee it shall be unkind

threefold, a hundred boom is the velocity for my enrage and check

Thee shall be blinded by the fear blinded by the check

blinded by me binded by me

Cursed by me

So mote it be!

This curse shall be layed upon the protest in the role of furious am image of the protest (wax sigil, point, interpretation, whatever) in the burn of a deified black candle.

Not compulsory Goods FOR THIS Tepid OF SPELL:

Black 7-day jar candle - while it can help to take up and quash critical energies that possibly will be afflicting you.