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Sunday, 18 January 2009

He Is Well-versed In The Basic Principles Of All Magick

He Is Well-versed In The Basic Principles Of All Magick Image
One of the things that makes the 7witches Coven so successful is the diversity of talents among our members. Each Witch in the Coven has a special skill. This diversity allows us to offer a wider variety of Spell Casts to those in need.

As a Seeker on the Path of Ancient Wisdom, I encourage you to give some thought to developing your own Magickal specialty. Remember, the ultimate goal is spiritual development and growth. Magick serves as a tool to accomplish that purpose.

Very often, when one begins the process of Magickal growth, there is a tendency to become immersed in many different disciplines. This can be very overwhelming and, more often than not, discouraging. Instead of becoming adept at a specific skill, the would-be Witch or Magickian becomes a dabbler in many different aspects. If you do this, your knowledge will always remain incomplete and your results less than stellar.


When giving thought to which discipline you would like to master, it is always good to begin by examining your own personal interests. There will be certain things that call to you while others do not.

Do you like the symbolism and beauty of the Tarot? When you hold the cards, do you feel the energy in your hands? Are you fascinated by the lines in your palm, often gazing at them and wondering what secrets they protect? Are you good with numbers? Do you enjoy arranging them into patterns, or notice how they sometimes have an uncanny relation to a specific event? Perhaps you simply love the pageantry of ritual-the candles, incense, and robes.

Answering these types of questions will give you direction and point you toward an area of Magickal expertise. Once you have determined a specific area of study, you can truly begin the learning process.

There many reasons why the members of the 7witches Coven have developed their own areas of expertise. The primary one is that any of these skills can easily demand a lifetime of study and work. Jean Baptiste Sylvestre, for example, has devoted the greater part of his life to the mastery of Vodou. While he is well-versed in the basic principles of all Magick, he will be the first to tell you that his chosen field of study provides more than enough intellectual stimulation for one individual.

My point today, Dear Ones, is that you should beware of spreading yourself too thin. Select an area of interest and give the greater part of your focus to that.

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