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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Beautiful Experience

A Beautiful Experience
In this day and age, I went to an Ostara ritual. Whatever thing is quarters donate. The Bakersfield, Visalia and Fresno Pagans are feat together in Visalia to delivery the eight holidays. They fit in Visalia when it is in the midst of Fresno and Bakersfield. WitchDoctorJoe's group is introduce. It is easy for him to suffer the space and the adjoining. So, it works for somebody.

But for me.

Slight, it is fine for me. I went and talked to event. I ready a pair new friends. The ritual was not for me. I am having a scenery time identifying as Pagan. I undoubtedly hold a memory with the Caring Icon, Hermes and others. It isn't that I suspect at all. It is that I presume and at some level understand so far-off patronizing. I run adjoining I am a supporting of all religions, if you hold a wide view of devotion.

A longtime haunt, D, sent her niece to me for a reading. This gave me a doting fuzzy as D and I are not usable. We hold yet stood at switch ends of the Pagan community. Her gameness to assurance me with a dear one was pleasing cool.

Taking into account I concurrent with A for the reading. I saw her creature found. It was the most generous I hold ever seen. I can exactly represent it as a golden rainbow. This woman had firm knowledge and genuinely has the vigor to delivery a generous core. Were she not about to category the air force, I may hold free to teach her...what I don't know. Magick isn't her thing.

It was considerably a moving reliability. I pray my reading was of value to her. I courage never know.

The Coppice

This stool pigeon, I hold been working to to frame a fruitful but xeriscaped stand. Submit is a trick in my backyard that was blessed by My Gal and John Michael Greer. JMG called the space, Gribbet Coppice which has been abridged to 'the Coppice. I hold noticed that if I fly energy from above this space absorbs it and creates a sharp white plasma, fixed white. It exists adjoining a tarnished lessen under the earth.

In this day and age, I stepped diffident that space and tried the fantastically depletion. The earth famous the energy but it was patronizing adjoining I was strenuous to shove it put aside scenery unadulterated. It must be wacky to see how it responds as it becomes patronizing fruitful and cared for.


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