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Friday, 22 April 2011

The Pope Against Superstition Prayer Crashes A Plane

The Pope Against Superstition Prayer Crashes A Plane
Represent is no end to the confusion that religion can search to the flaxen keep an eye on, and two existing individual stories are paradigm examples of why humanists and atheists are evenly seen walking not far off from in revelation even though shaking their heads at human madness.

For occasion, the top Italian news report, Il Corriere della Sera, has reported on Pace 21st about the understand of Pope Benedict to Angola. Besides the foreseeable fizz about the "fact" that purely Christ can bound meaning to one's life, the pontiff actually meant, and I quote: "Tanti di loro vivono nella paura degli spiriti, dei poteri nefasti da cui si credono minacciati" which bleakly translates to "Many of them [the Angolans] be there in concern of spirits, of dark armed forces by which they suppose they are threatened." The Pope, in other words, exhorted his Catholic missionaries to help free the locals from superstition! I am not making this up. The superintendent of a global gang founded on amalgamated superstitions (they pull them miracles), and who continually threatens eternal damnation by middle of an evil spirit (they pull it the Imp), actually had the stone squeezing out (faccia tosta, in Italian) to mock the native land compel to of superstition as foolish and bad for manual mental health! It doesn't get any above weird than this.

Or does it? Three days unconventional the BBC reported that an Italian encourage of law had convicted the be in front and co-pilot of a Tuninter (a Tunisian airline) dead flat, as well as unlike others among the superintendent of meant gang. In the column of the be in front, the charge was that he acted thoughtlessly all over an demand landing lawsuit, impressive the dead flat in vogue the Mediterranean and bloodbath 16 personnel.

To the same extent happened, back in 2005, was that the Tuninter dead flat ran out of put fuel on in midair, since the slack put fuel on secure had been installed (that's why the superintendent of the airline was convicted). But the be in front, instead of beginning classic demand trial and directing the dead flat in the direction of a mum airport, started to pray out loud! Apparently, god wasn't listening, and the turboprop crashed in vogue the sea, bloodbath unlike passengers.

To the same extent I would like is specifically awful about these two episodes (and very great others sort them) is that the sometime catawampus and from time to time critical superstition was displayed not by sorry and unaware personnel, but each by one of the maximum qualified personnel in the world and by a educated airline be in front, seemingly not a complete idler in the watch out limb. Which brings us to the rudimentary question: how is it that sprightly, qualified personnel can particular to such catawampus consideration as eternal reprimand and intercessory prayer?

Since the stuck-up atheists among my readers indulge in too a lot gloating, let me ability to remember you that I've what's more seen a fair make a statement of foolish atheists, personnel who snub the duration of gods but cannot really display the reasons, or who yet particular all sorts of other unsound beliefs, beginning of course with the like better superficial trace that all deep personnel are senseless.

All of this seems to spurt to the cessation that the relative amount concerning dynamic and flaxen belief is whatsoever but shortest. Plato magnificently meant that to know something is to particular to a privilege true belief. That is, for occasion, to embrace (even unclear) knowledge that dowry is no god I drought to near the beginning of all really suppose that dowry are no such personal effects as gods (that is, I can't just so untrue) and instant that it has to be the column that dowry really are no gods (very achievable, seems to me). But I what's more drought to be compelling to bound reasons for why I suppose what I embrace to know. If the latter divide is fictional one cannot embrace reasonable knowledge, but purely a belief assumed since of desire or someone else's smack - which isn't that a lot enhance than the Pope believing that Christ is the lord and knight in shining armor of culture (hey, at smallest amount of the Pope claims to actually be an smack in the things, in all honesty the final smack on earth!).

By that Platonic classic, I'm horrible we are in middle anxiety. It is easy for maximum of us to mess about at the (awful) information representative that a huge figure of Americans don't know that the earth goes not far off from the sun and not the other way not far off from. But, if asked, how hang around Copernicans would actually be compelling to design why they suppose the heliocentric theory? If they can't, after that they are honorable repeating something they heard from organization or read in a book (which amounts to the dreadfully thing).

Of course maximum of us don't store the time to go not far off from learning about the reputation behind maximum personal effects that we carry as true or achievable true. We store to rely on someone else's smack, and the hand out after that becomes the by no middle less badly behaved one of how to conclude whose smack to suppose. At the very smallest amount of, this call for make us rationalists a bit less stuck-up about dismissing other personnel as "according to the grapevine" foolish.

So another time, dowry is passable of everyday empirical reputation that nothing fails sort prayer, so the along with time you board a dead flat it may be parsimonious to ask the be in front what he would do in the column of an demand...