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Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Many Varieties Of Ritual

The Many Varieties Of Ritual
In this day and age I am deskbound down to breeze the ritual for the Kitchen Witch Birch Moon/Imbolc celebration on Saturday 19th January (at the Ruler Elizabeth Set down Gel - full release on the 'rituals' page of this blog).

And it got me indication about all the selected types of rituals I take had the honour of attending and how each group do textile in conspicuous ways.

For the supreme part the rituals all channel to take a block basic put up - for defense at every ritual I take been to anyone has stood together in a circle. The circle being reasonably symbolic a long time ago all - the circle of life, creating a interconnect and a gore, a circle of protection and containment etc.

Some of the druid rituals I take attended take started with a procession and been greeted by a doorkeeper and at some we take entered the circle and saluted the East.

I take seen (and done) circle castings of all sorts - with an athame, a sword, a wand even the end of a sell, with Kitchen Witch we house to cast the circle using herbs, spices and thrive petals (all natural and biodegradable).

I take seen question calls read from a script by volunteers but each called outmoded the blow.

Ceiling of the rituals I take been a part of take knotty blessing and cleansing the circle with incense and water, at Kitchen Witch we house to launder the circle with a besom and next characteristic with incense.

We each take cake (of course) some groups exchange a few words bread or dry fruits, the Dorset Undergrowth exchange a few words wonderful cream buns :-) and supreme groups attitude exchange a few words wine, cider or mead.

I take attended and each been a part of rituals wherever a full script is used and rituals wherever no come up script has been utilised. I take to be correct one of the unscripted rituals I attended was a wrap up calamity, no one knew what they were put-on and zip ran together, it was in fact wrap up muddle and all attending became sensibly fed-up :-(

One of the real McCoy ever off line rituals I attended was held by the Dobunni Undergrowth and led by the wonderful and immense Mentor Ronald Hutton. Not morally did he obtain us with a acute welcome "we don't do hand shakes we do hugs"...but once we had told him it was our real McCoy off line ritual he ended discernible we knew what was leave-taking on, wherever we were so-called to be and what we were so-called to be put-on for the famous ritual even time he was exciting leading it. That obvious ritual was each unscripted, whereas seemingly well purposeful out early hand as it ran like clockwork.

We do take scripts with the Kitchen Witch rituals, but we each like to add in a bit of ad lib and go with the dispersion as well. The scripts cleanly help profile the ritual miscellaneous and profile it all together and organised. We do of course like to add a bit of merriment within the mix as well - the Gods do a long time ago all take a good feature of humour ;-)

At the end of the day a ritual attitude morally work if the energy of the nation contemporary is good and the energy of citizens leading it is as well. It is all about the energy, a good ritual attitude work to the same degree nation put their energy within it - it is a sound crack.

Swine heard such as you are in the centre of the circle is a requisite, I take been to rituals wherever the have fun hosting has had such a placid vocalize no one can no-win situation what was leave-taking on, regrettably the wind doesn't help with sound either. The have fun or nation in the centre, in my own hold view favorably, each neediness to come out and act as if they are enjoying it - lots of quickness and energy attractive - that energy and enthusiasm attitude anxiously each incriminate with citizens in the circle too. At whatever time invoking deity or calling apartment it requisite sound like the have fun really convenient it and isn't cleanly reading off their laundry list LOL

I love being in ritual, I love all the parts and conspicuous aspects of it, so numberless immense experiences - loop dancing (sometimes gleefully other become old wrap up muddle), shtick, raising energy, creating magic, transfer healing, allotment experiences and even on one occasion screaming water pistols and throwing honey at citizens in the circle (it's a hunger story) - anything it has knotty I like to put my both within it, a long time ago all a ritual has a raise objections whether it is for a Sabbat or Moon celebration or something like a handfasting, it is all about celebrating, flanked by and honouring deity.

My own hold rituals are routinely unscripted, I like to go with the dispersion and see what takes me, I am routinely guided to do what works for the best.

Whether you are part of a group put-on a ritual on line, off line or your own solitary ritual - unendingly do what works for you, I am a silent devotee that contemporary is no exactly or put-on way to do textile, cleanly make it special :-)