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Saturday, 28 May 2005

Fighting A Candle Fire

Fighting A Candle Fire Cover Quite frankly, unless it's small and contained, you shouldn't fight the fire. Leave your residence, and call the fire department.

Portable fire extinguishers can be effective in fighting small, contained fires. Kitchen fire extinguishers should be labeled by an independent testing lab as suitable for fighting Class B (grease and oil) fires and as safe for use on Class C (electrical) fries. Chemical fire extinguishers labeled for use on Class A (paper and common combustibles) fires and for use on Class B and C fires are appropriate for fighting food fires. Never fight a grease or electrical fire with an extinguisher labeled for Class A fires only.

Never fight a fire unless you are sure you have the Proper extinguisher for the type of fire and that you know how to use it. Before using a Portable extinguisher, be sure that the fire department has been called, everyone else is out of the house, and that you have your back to a safe and unobstructed exit. If a fire does not go out immediately go outside and wait for the fire department. Always call the fire department before attempting to fight a fire.

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