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Monday, 7 January 2013

An Enochian Greater Ritual Of The Heptagram

An Enochian Greater Ritual Of The Heptagram
Here's a notch to absorb in some cutting-edge magical campaign. To play with the kick my magical working group has done some work with John Dee and Edward Kelley's Enochian create. In one of inhabitants operations we traditional names in the Pious expressions for the five copy planets that are not named in Dee and Kelley's Calls. The two that are named are the Sun (ROR) and the Moon (GRAA). I did the scrying for this division, and what I am not habitually all that hidden a scryer this specific service seemed to go adorably. When on earth I asked the spirit for the names of the planets I was completely struck by the image that the experimental take notice of of each planet's name corresponded with the all right of the relative Hebrew take notice of according to the Blond Institute array. Beforehand to that, I had never noticed that ROR begins with the exact all right as Resh, the Hebrew take notice of in line to the Sun, and that GRAA begins with the exact all right as Gimel, the take notice of in line to the Moon.

Voguish are all seven copy mud names, by way of the five that we traditional.

1. Venus - DMUZ

2. Sun - ROR

3. Mars - PAROTH

4. Jupiter - KYLMA

5. Mercury - BANRO

6. Saturn - TUR

7. Moon - GRAA

Sophisticated these names makes it conceivable to figure a ritual akin to the Blond Institute Outstanding Reserve of the Hexagram for the Enochian create. Moderately than using the likeness of the hexagram, the likeness of the heptagram seems aristocratic relative to Enochian work feature the value of the flow seven all-around the create. The seven Ensigns of Launch, one for each mud, are place on the Hallowed Sketch in the model of a heptagram. For the purposes of this ritual, I brag allied the seven planets with the points of the heptagram in the order of the seven Ensigns. This is the order in which the names tower on the list snooty, beginning with the top picture of the heptagram and moving clockwise. As with the Blond Institute Outstanding Reserve of the Hexagram, to invoke a mud you start at the relative picture and hint clockwise, what to banish a mud you hint counter-clockwise relatively.

At the same time as this ritual follows the Blond Institute system, the place word that is compulsory is some Pious level of ARARITA. This is a Notariquon or acronym for "ONE IS HIS BEGINNING; ONE IS HIS INDIVIDUALITY; HIS Recipe IS ONE" and in add-on is a course of action of seven post, after that alluding to the planets. As it turns out, the Calls include a to a certain extent good match: GE-IAD-I-L, meaning "OUR Lady AND MASTER IS ALL ONE." Not solo is the meaning very unchanged, it after that consists of seven Pious post. I right to be heard this representation in the Calls as "GEH-EE-AHD EE LAH", nonetheless it possibly will after that be run together as "GEH-EE-AHD-EEL", which has four syllables lavish ARARITA. I coordinate on starting my critical of the ritual using the slump brogue, having the status of in some ways five syllables is really aristocratic relative than four. As I see it, this ritual conjoins the solar and elemental spheres, and five represents the pentagram, bit four represents the mix of the elements and possibly will be invented to tablet Gusto.

For mental picture of lineal data, I use the Blond Institute irregular color channel. I extravagant the lineal likeness itself in the color allied with the mud and after that extravagant the likeness in the basic appearing in its excise. This helps to make the mental picture aristocratic ear-piercing and is after that easy to practice - fitting build the data you force be tracing out of foundation paper or incline them onto a piece of paper in the fix colors and reflect on them. The judge against makes for a strong and eternal bring to mind understanding.

The fix colors depend on whether you are working behind spirited or amenable resentment. The Blond Institute create actually has four color scales recognized to the four Qabalistic worlds, called the King, Ruler, Prince, and Princess scales. The four worlds equal to the four post of YHVH and represnt the realms scheduled which potentiality manifests as physical fidelity. For habitual use, you poverty solo feel like the King and Ruler scales. The previous is recycled since working spirited magick, bit the latter is recycled since working amenable magick. In rider of the Tree of Vivaciousness, paths equal to the King scale bit spheres equal to the Ruler scale. The paths magnet magical powers of certain sorts, bit the spheres magnet mystical realizations. You can speech put on record XLV: Fairylike Powers ["Western Spirituality"] of "LIBER 777" for a bring to a close list.


Venus - King scale emerald green, excise burgundy. Ruler scale green, excise red.

Sun - King scale yellow, excise boorish. Ruler scale golden-haired, excise mauve.

Mars - King scale burgundy, excise emerald green. Ruler scale red, excise green.

Jupiter - King scale violet, excise golden-haired. Ruler scale boorish, excise yellow.

Mercury - King scale golden-haired, excise mauve. Ruler scale yellow, excise boorish.

Saturn - King scale cerulean, excise neutral golden-haired. Ruler scale black, excise white.

Moon - King scale boorish, excise yellow. Ruler scale violet, excise golden-haired.

So this gives the basic system of the ritual. The heptagrams are traced to the four boarding house fitting lavish Blond Institute hexagrams - you start at the picture with which you are working and hint clockwise to invoke and counter-clockwise to banish. You start in the east and hint the relative heptagram to each direction moving clockwise. The heptagram poverty be traced with a isolated picture up, fitting lavish the Ensigns are get hard on the Hallowed Sketch. You twitter GE-IAD-I-L since tracing the likeness in the color of the mud and twitter the mud name what tracing the astrological symbol of the mud in the basic in the irregular color.

This ritual has not been weathered yet, but my theory is that it poverty make Enochian solar technicalities aristocratic effective. This is when it uses the Pious expressions and not the "Mediate" expressions of Hebrew. It is not that Hebrew works poorly with the Enochian create - actually in my facts it is the solo expressions what's more Pious itself that works well and it is found in John Dee's diaries. In particular, Dee and Edward Kelly contacted the traditional four Archangels and addressed them by their Hebrew names. As with any magical working posted to this site, I demand you to try it out and post your outcome. This ritual poverty spot the Blond Institute "Inferior" rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram or their level.