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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Goddess Days To Celebrate

Goddess Days To Celebrate
About are some revelry of the Goddesses for the month of December, some that I splinter group and some that may be of commotion to others. For example greatest women of the Goddesses splinter group our Ladies every day, it is lovely to specific special revelry, in particular at this time of day having the status of joy and celebration are in the air!

December is the twelfth and resolved month of the Gregorian calendar and the prime month of winter. It's name comes from the Latin word decem, meaning ten, December was the tenth month of the oldest Roman calendar as the New Blind date began in Lick. It is whichever less important from Decima, the core Idol of the Three Fates, She who personifies the in this area.

Modern Pagans and witches splinter group the falling off of the day, the Detached Solstice, whichever civic as Yule. For example numerous observe it a secondary Sabbath, we exist to splinter group with as extreme, if not pompous, bite as Christians. Current are numerous ways to splinter group this time of day, the return of the Sun, the beginning of the Detached, a time of introspection.

About are some grassroots correspondences for the month:

Astrological Signs:Sagittarius, Capricorn.Spirits: Snowstorm faeries, airstream faeries, winter tree faeries.Herbs: Holly, English ivy, fir, mistletoe, hang around, balsam, cedar, holly, all evergreens.Colors: Blood red, green, white and black.Flowers: Holly, poinsettia, Christmas cactus.Scents: Pacify, hang around, bayberry, frankincense, myrrh, stack, reddish-brown, cloves, cinnamon.Stones: Down zircon, turquoise, serpentine, jacinth, peridot, tanzanite.Trees: Pout, fir, holly, all evergreens.Animals: Mouse, deer, foal, encompass.Birds: Rook, robin, icy owl.Deities: Athene, The Fates, Freyja, Hekate, Lucina, Minerva, Neith, The Norns, Alectrona, Alcyone, Perchta, Helia, Sol, Frigga, Close relative Holda.


December 1The Idol Athena was honored annually on this day with a serious performance called the Day of Pallas Athena.December 1 is the time for offspring girls in some parts of the world, to perform the ancient art of cromniomancy (insight by onion sprouts) to find out the name of their impending husbands. To find out who your impending spouse apparition be, shoulder some onions and sketch upon each one a unfamiliar man's name. Side the onions blockade a fire and the man whose name is on the onion that sprouts prime apparition be the one.

December 3Women's wake were performed annually on this meeting in ancient Rome, in reward of Bona Dea, the Truthful Idol. All males were unacceptable from the ceremonies which were conducted by vestal virgins. This day was sacred to the Idol Cybele and whichever to Rhea, the Substantial Close relative of the Home in ancient Greece.Saint's day of Fauna, Idol of Nature

December 4The performance of Bona Dea, a Roman profitability goddess.The Idol Minerva was honored with an annual performance on this meeting in ancient Rome. Minerva (the Roman complement of the Greek Athena) is a Idol of argue and whichever a patroness of the arts and wisdom.

December 5The Leading Saint's day of Saint Lucia is in custody on this meeting each day in Italy. She was non-centrally worshipped as Lucina in advance creature Christianized concerning a Saint, a Pagan Idol of light who whichever presided by means of childbirth.

December 7An annual rite called the Haloia of Demeter was performed in ancient Greece on this meeting. All day the Idol Demeter wanders the earth in ferret of her stolen daughter Persephone. The Idol annoyance brings Detached to the world and all grass and vegetation finish to bloom; Spring pay packet still, having the status of Persephone is allowed to temporarily place the compactness of the Underworld and Demeter in the same way as once again rejoices.

December 9Sacred to Astraea, a Greek Idol of justice.The Optalia, the performance of Ops, the Roman goddess of harvest.

December 10 The ancient Roman performance called Lux Mundi (Unchallenging of the Globe) was in custody annually on this day in reward of the Idol of Cosmos. In France, a unvarying performance takes place on this same meeting. For me, Lux Mundi is a celebration of Hekate Soteira, Unchallenging of the Globe and Savior.

December 11Sacred to Arianrhod, the Snowstorm Queen Idol, and Yuki Onne.On this meeting, Bruma, the ancient Roman Idol of the winter toughen was honored with an annual performance civic as the Day of Bruma.

December 13The Sementivae, the in addition performance of Tellus, the Roman earth goddess.In Sweden and Norway, the Sun Idol Lucina is dormant honored with a traditional performance of light on St. Lucia's Day (whichever civic as Insignificant Yule) each day on this meeting. At dawn, the first-born daughter of the assembly wears a candle crown in obtrusive estimate to the Pagan symbols of fire and life benevolent light, and serves her budget cakes. Current are processions and treats. Simple girls normally wear white dresses and numerous of the men dress as elves, who are civic as Lucina's helpers.In myth, Lucia was actually a living thing from Italy who was burned as a witch, but the fire did not track down her. She was superior sainted by the Catholic Priestly. She was superior Sainted by the Catholic Priestly.

December 14 - Public holiday of Graft, idolization Spider Living thing, who bent the Room and all within it. I pang a sharp web on a little stop of linen with a very fine and attractive border, after that dry out it as an submit to Spider Living thing.

December 15The Greek Idol Alcyone, who was symbolized by the kingfisher, is honored beginning on this day with the Halcyon Go performance which begins seven days in advance and durable until seven days one time. According to feature, these days are a special time of request and alleviate, due to the magical powers of the Halcyon (a legendary bird extreme be after a kingfisher, who nested on the sea and reassured the curve and blow clothed in Detached Solstice. Pleasingly, the kingfisher's release eggs hatch at this time of day, but exclusively if tides are low and the sea is alleviate.

December 16In ancient Rome on this day, the performance of the Idol of wisdom, Sapientia was in custody annually on the eve of Saturnalia, a day having the status of wisdom may not be the pledge rush. She was whichever civic as Sophia In Greece, and Sapientia-Sophia in medieval get older.The Yule Successor is honored on this day in Mexico, by a serious performance civic as Posadas, which begins annually on this day. It is exalted until the twenty-fourth of December.The Instinctive American dash of the Hopi in the southwestern Together States splinter group the Soyal assert annually on this meeting (more or less). The wake of the Soyal splinter group the return of the Sun (Mind) and blotch the commencement and revitalization of Spider Living thing and Hawk Maiden. This day is whichever sacred to these wisdom-Goddessess: Athena, Kista, Maat, Minerva, and the Shekinah.

December 16Beginning of my Nine Nights Hallowing of the Detached Solstice, three nights of sundown, three of night and, instigation on the day one time the Solstice, three of dawn.

December 18On this in addition day of the Saturnalia, ancient Romans exalted the Eponalia; a festival over-enthusiastic to Epona, the Celtic Mother-Goddess and a patroness of pigs.Saint's day of Our Peer of the realm of Seclusion - splinter group your Matron Idol on this day.

December 19The Romans exalted the Opalia, a festival over-enthusiastic to Ops (Excess), the harvest Idol of profitability and go-getter, and partner of Saturn, on this, the third day of the Saturnalia.

December 20The Close relative Shade, Yule EveOn this night (more or less), a Germanic/Scandinavian Midwinter performance civic as The Close relative Shade (or Modresnach) was observed. It was held that dreams on this night foretold proceedings in the advent day. Manifold of its traditions be on modern Christmas revelry. The colored evergreen tree was a symbol of the Tree of Mind, or Globe Tree. The star atop the tree represented the fuse star of the Shine Idol. The dinners and gifts were in reward of the food and prosperity certain by the Close relative Goddesses to their possible children. The elves connected with our popular Santa Claus are what's left of the uncanny Nice folk of the Old Holiness. The reindeer are symbols of old shamanic abilities second hand by the people. The mistletoe is thought to specific prime been picked and second hand to pick up kisses by the Idol Frigg, in advance it became a nightclub to slaughter her son.More to the point over-enthusiastic to Pay attention - a day to reward your own activities, who you specific become and what you specific achieved.

December 21The Detached Solstice, whichever civic as Yule, the straightforward day and file night of the day. Yule is a long way exalted by modern Pagans as the performance of the Sun's revitalization, a time of silence and prosperity, budget gatherings and revelry of the year's activities.In ancient Greece, the winter solstice ritual was called Lenaea, the Pageant of the Disorderly Women. In very ancient get older, a man pro the harvest god Dionysos was untidy to pieces and eaten by a delegation of women on this day. Complex in the ritual, Dionysos would be reborn as a baby. By standard get older, the possible price had been replaced by the killing of a goat. The women's capacity feeble to that of funeral mourners and observers of the shrink.In Slavonic cultures, the performance of Koleda began at Detached Solstice and lasted for ten days. In Russia, this performance was called Kutuja, which was superior matter-of-fact to Christmas Eve. Other than the Slavonic name comes from the God Kolyada, it was in reward of Lada, the Idol of love, Spring, early period and profitability. She was thought to be reborn each day at this time - so in this area we specific a goddess as the main distinctive for the Yule child myth. In numerous cultures it is symbolized in religion by a Virgin mother benevolent shrink to sacred children such as Rhiannon to Pryderi; Isis to Horus; Demeter to Persephone.The performance of Angerona, the Roman goddess of secrecy.The Solstice is whichever civic as Detached Celebration, Midwinter, and Alban Arthan. The word Yule is less important from the Anglo-Saxon Yula, which mode Tiller of the Blind date.

December 22 Be born of the Idol, Rhiannon. Correct by reading Her myth.

December 23The Larentalia (Larentinalia), performance of Acca Larentia, the Roman goddess who gave the ill-timed Romans their land.

December 24Night of the Mothers. Reverence all Close relative Goddesses and splinter group the likely of women to generate and spread - not pay off as mothers of children and the likely to think up and supply shrink to children, but whichever creative actions of all kinds and life in massive.

December 27Birth of Freya. In Her reward, dry out amber incense and wear amber jewelry.

December 28Day of the Weaver Grandmothers. Celebrates fill goddesses related with the Fates and cycles of our lives. To reward these Grandmothers and the Fates, I bolster some of my superlative clothing or I weave a little rectangle and dry out as an submit. I whichever tie strands of clothing onto my hedge.

December 29Day of the Nymphs. (Greek)

December 31Many reward Hekate on this, the sure day of the day.

Blessings nine!