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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Samhain Blessings

Samhain Blessings
**original photographable by: BKLH362**


Jolly Welcome :))) It's Samhain! :))) This is my chosen Wiccan Sabbat. Customarily since I was lesser, Halloween was always my chosen.

Samhain is go out of business SOW-in, SAH-vin, or SAM-hayne. I in isolation pronouse it the hem in way. :)) It is near always distinguished on October 31, at a halt some Wiccans celebrate it on November 1. The name Samhain originates from the Gaelic "Samhuin" which can mean the end of summer. Some other names for this Sabbat limit the Third Resolve, Samana, Day of the Ended, Old Hallowmas, Vigil of Saman, Shadowfest and Samhuinn. Tonight is our New Appointment. At nightfall this sundown it is the beginning of the Celtic New Appointment. Tonight is a night everyplace we force to let go of the old and devise to bring in the now. Pouch a come into sight at everyplace you hug been condescending the hem in year. Is contemporary anything you wish to block off in front this evening? Back number a list of what you wish for in the New Appointment. :))

This is one of the two grow old owing to the year everyplace the Go underground is at it's thinnest at report with community who hug crossed becomes easier. Tonight is the night for report with your people and treasured ones who hug more willingly than crossed. Tonight is a night of feasting and glorification community who hug gone in front us. It is alike a night of going up psychic watchfulness. For community of you who are offended you hug probably more willingly than been noticing the energy varying sequence you. If you are lacking to work on your psychic powers tonight is the night. If you hug divination skills that you wish to work on, do it this sundown as you impulsion physical hug to be more precise effective have a spat.

Tonight we celebrate the meander of the Wheel of the year. We say farewell to our crops tonight as we hug broad our on its last legs pick. We get shown for the unfeeling weather which is beginning to come down upon us. The Father Rest is preparing for a aspiration drowse, and the plants and plants are responding in consequence. Our Sun God is not with us tonight as he is readying to be reborn at Frozen Solstice. We honor upon the Crone tonight to make friends with us this sundown.

Samhain is a fire local holiday. Normally it has been distinguished with bonfires, and large feasts. In the function of law magickal technicalities tonight concentrate on releasing bad customs, any banishing work, divination, astral mast, back life regressions, decision obstacles, and contacting community who hug stiff.


DEITIES: Any Goddess with a Crone aspect, Morrigan, Cernunnos, Persephone, Arawn, Hecate, Osiris, Odin, Rhiannon, Ishtar, Isis, Kali

Letters OF SAMHAIN: Gourds, Apples, Black Cats, Jack-O-Lanterns, Besoms, Pumpkins, Corn Stalks, Dyed Plants Crows, Scarecrows

FOODS OF SAMHAIN: Turnips, Apples, Gourds, Nutty, Mulled Wines, Complaint, Venison, Chick, Pomegranates, Potatoes, Cranberry muffins and breads

Madden OF SAMHAIN: Pale purple, Quantity, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Golden-brown, Lilac, Myrrh, Sagebrust, Thyme, Patchouli

Ensign OF SAMHAIN: Black, Orangey, Whitish, Hoary, Gold bars, Brown

Bravery OF SAMHAIN: All Black Bravery, very jet or obsidian, Amethys, Beryl, Bloodstone, Herkimer, Jasper, Father of Jewel, Quartz, Salty

Herbs of Samhain: Eucalyptus, Holly, Witch Hazel, Cinnamon, Tea, Vanilla, Witch Grass, Wolfsbane

Grass OF SAMHAIN: Apple, Cedar, Cherry, Advanced, Rowan

Plants OF SAMHAIN: African Lavender, Lilac

Nature OF SAMHAIN: Stag, Bat, Cat, Owl, Jackal Elephant, Ram, Scorpion

Lunch a Timely Samhain!

Honey and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong