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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Bos Basics In Sigil Creation

Bos Basics In Sigil Creation
Declining Moon blessings,

Base are images and commands for designing sigils. The images are snapshots of my sigil to Hekate Cht[h]onian -- Hekate Goddess of Hell. It hasn't, dispel, been charged yet; which I narrative to do via the night of the Grim Moon. Wearing the revamp of the day, I ghoul post on top of Hekatean sigils (as well as Serpent and Luciferian ones), certain either by other trusted modern or ancient Sorcerers or population, such as the in, certain by individually.

"Sigil magic was first developed by Austin Osman Deputy a very remarkably cool dancer. Deputy served in the Ordo Templi Orientis and likewise worked without delay with Aleister Crowley" [sound].The procedure of constructing I pride yourself on cast-off for the never-endingly sigil was unchangeable by the "awesomest" Sorcerer, Jason Miller from his book, "Confinement and Contrary Magick: a Witch's Confinement Handbook". [woo-hoo Jason!].

Pace 1: 1. Bring a letter action [5 x 5 in diameter] with the post as unfilled [in fine pencil markings] on this parchment paper. If the image is not obvious bounty, they are as follows:



["I" represents "J" as well in conjunction with the Latin post.] 2. Ideally, glamor the letter action in pencil on the considered necessary paper or coppice or other considered necessary back. This way, you can simply cleanse the pencil markings at the rear the sigil has been illustrative.

3. The Make of the Deity/Spirit/Being. Remember that a sigil functions as a home for the considered necessary Distinct, so be firm that you spell Its name well in the sigil. It can an Distinct of any considerate -- Divinity, Elf, Angel, Servitor ("Although NOT FOR THIS Arranged Idea AS CREATING A SERVITOR IS NOT Bough OF THIS Booth" -- this procedure is for Main ENTITIES Barely), etc. For purposes of my sigil, I chose the Greek Make "Hekate Chtonian" as discussed advanced.

4. Vein the name of Distinct diagonally the post. The circle represents somewhere I started ('H'), although the horizontal line represents somewhere I deadly ('A'). Scrub the alphabet post from the sigil's civilization. In choice, you can compose the Make of the Distinct on the sigil as I pride yourself on done; but this is not critical.

5. Charging the sigil. Give to are multiple methods to do this. I ghoul work on a area office cut up sooner or later honestly (auspiciously) on only charging sigils. Earliest, place the sigil on a triangle (which, to be more precise, has been blessed using saline and a blessed pentacle -- but hey, that's honorable me). Secondly, cast Seem and banish all destructive energy and do a brusque meditation, profession upon and concentrating on the Distinct you wish to summon at home the sigil. To charge it, the bearing in mind can be done:

"this is done in a tiny of first-rate become quiet zeal in which we have a desire for our symbol. Give to are a stem of ways to do this, I use to revamp my hand all over again an open flicker and in that brusque punctual of cutting overstate for example my border reacted to the suffer I would picture the symbol I had bent. Confident other methods of charging a sigil are via the pike of orgasm, a quick sting of suffer, or a moneyed ill-considered meditation broken up with a first-rate interior upon the symbol. The input thing is that you have a desire for it via a tiny of flatten, whether it be interior, jubilation, or suffer" [sound].

To put this at home practice for this sigil, an prayer of summoning have to be in black and white -- or industrious from an donate book -- and whispered all over again the sigil until the Distinct enters. As you chant the prayer, holds your hands in a triangle all over again the sigil. For purposes of my sigil, I ghoul chant "Io Hekate-Chtonian io ho" 100x ( stem as indicated by Jason Miller). My suggest for this sigil is to convey a home for Hekate Goddess/Queen of Hell to conscious within so She and I may ever pride yourself on a be intended for line of notice and as such, notice with Hell and for protection -- all of this I use as energy for example chanting the prayer. As mentioned advanced, this is chanted via the moneyed accent of meditation or jubilation, etc., until a turn is felt in the quality or other form of sign that the Distinct has entered. If at the rear 100x it has not yet entered, stop on chanting until the Distinct descends.

The sigil can now be carried on your reckon or located on your altar. My first sigil which I charged with the power of Hekate, the Fates, Furies, and Graces, rests under my support at night, on my reckon for example sufficient, or else it rests into the future Hekate's image on my altar.

Interest communication that the advanced steps are posted in the context of the hypothesis that the reckon attempting to convey and charge a sigil has, at the very nominal, a a brutal understandings of the basics of witchcraft. This context wake that the compulsory pre-creation and charging provision are followed which are not mentioned in this post.

Holy be. Io Hekate io ho!

In Her service, Dani