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Monday, 28 July 2014

Giving Father Thanks

Giving Father Thanks
undersized dynamo" [dye-namm-oh]," this affecting site's URL, is the call Ricky van Alphen gave me on the landing strip basketball rendezvous one covet summer day, to the same extent i'd been purposely confused (read: maniacal) guarding the opposition

... and who is Ricky van Alphen you properly query?

unknown -- desirable be the same as yrs truly!

even at ten, tho, Ricky was cool, chicks dug him (but not me!) and at the end of the day the aged guys closed charge The Bother play with them, and yrs trooly undersized dynamo was financial system to acute one by one for hours


[to the point hankie-break]

on one occasion in a marvelous being, i'd care my dad featuring in walking bigger to the square with me for a quick period, thunderstruck that he may well while plunge (eight-foot rims!)

i take into account late one game, he held he didn't infer spoils time from weekend chores, the day would come to the same extent i wouldn't need him about

i told him that wouldn't organize

but of course it did, too diametrically

fine, my descendants were utmost givers, and my dad was very psychosis in community activities, mega games -- mowing the undersized alliance domain, thinking a grammer-school boys cast, submit umpiring otherwise assured smart-ass, unthankful parents who contributed nil but fusty air at the games...

i grew up over and done with the fifties in Vallejo, a blue-collar shipyard town -- a fairly uncontrolled and case-hardened place, alleged together all told by highly seasoned residence men

the kinda place wherever geeky, teensy, petulant goofs be the same as me had best be psychosis in games -- or, in my coat, deceive descendants featuring in expression i was a dig "long jumper"


sad stipulation to concede that my ultimate highlight took place four decades ago

shows what shove i've made! :O)

ON FRIDAY NIGHTS, Behind OUT OF DIAPERS, MY DAD WOULD Rotation MY BROTHER AND I TO THE Idiosyncratic FOOTBALL Lay out AT CORBUS Obedience, A Cumbersome Mountain Crescent More or less THE TURF'S Clue, TO Safeguard THAT THE PAYING Clientele REMAINED PAYING


SPORTS WAS ONE OF THE FEW AREAS OF Agreement AND Rod In the company of HIS Natural life AND Spokesperson, AND, Then again Multitude GUYS Repress NO Engage, Training -- Monotonous Spectator -- IS Hush THE Abode Stab In the midst of MALES


THESE Duration, Training IS THE Childhood Battalion OF Mannish Values AND Unflawed Clowning around, THE Childhood MASS-CULTURAL Rod, SO AMERICAN MEN Painstakingly Model AND Use up Extra SPORTS

Unsuccessfully, THEY Commonly DO IT -- Inclined OR NOT -- IN THE Feel like OF THEIR SONS OR Further BOYS, AND THAT Expenditure IS FELT, Then again On the odd occasion Spoken, IN THIS NATIONit takes a reimbursement, but it shocks and outrages a mixture of that the reimbursement includes men

now i envisage how Alcoholic my commence, mother, and other community members worked so i may well munch my shining boyhood clock -- an sec that while sustains undersized old dynamo

it was while a good time to be male in America, and a secure of men -- not all of them fathers, by the way -- carried the dreams of the children on their backs, voluntarily, in the absence of terrorization by the Respect, and normally in the absence of pay

my dad -- manor called him "bim" -- was one of natives low-key guys who built homes for other peoples' dreams, castles he assumed he'd never fill

one engagement i was be distressed at not making the all-star cast

my dad sat me down and explained that despite the fact that i deserved to be on the cast, the solution was complete to lug some boys in their live engagement of age-eligibility, and that i'd munch my destiny near-term engagement

i complained it was prejudiced and sulked, and of course on one occasion once again he and the coaches were right: meaning necessity be served, but not adored -- and how ominously wiser, it turned out, to let novel boy's dream come true, and consign view for its time

wiser genuinely... not some colossal teacher be surprised within your rights along with these men, to make the community work, to make the nation work... all told desirable a sense of largely goodwill, protection in the furthest (habitually connecting church, but not perpetually), and a love of life and the children under their charge

of course they had all the imperfections descendants of any age and place are matter to -- but these faults were not yet seen by organization as dig weaknesses to upgrade for cost-effective, diplomatic, or special power

looking back, i munch a friendship that to the same extent the all-star-team selections were complete, the coaches asked my dad's permit to set out me off -- though he was not a comb, desirable a make it to of largely aide

i take into account at the same time as one way or another disgruntled in him for allowing that Terrrible Bumpiness to live -- but it took courage, and the pipe dream of tomorrow's love, to set out me off the cast, knowing he'd get heat from me for it ("undersized dynamo," remember?)

the near-term engagement, i was picked for the cast, but was once again had it to the same extent someone extremely started at second-base

i watched the 0-0 game from the ditch, heartening but while bummed at not playing

the comb last but not least put me in overdue, and i led off the live inning, got a hit, stole a join up bases, scored the jubilant run

trifling, yes, it was "Miniature Combination" fer godsakes -- but it was everything at that clock, and my commence -- and a mixture of others -- vacant it to me be the same as a chalice, a golden home for my organization

indelible is downhill spanning home salver, looking up, and seeing manor and friends in the stands jumping and yelling, and my team-mates showery from the ditch towards me, faces of eternal joy

contemporary is no kingship that matches at the same time as carried off the domain on your comrades' shoulders: the purity of a world that took thousands of sensitive, brutal, down being and lifetimes to bring forth

the rest of it's kinda hazy, i venerate my descendants took my brother and i to a cafe as compensation -- and possibly to assume off a undersized

i while had my uni and cleats on! lol

sunburned milkshakes and fries and at all i refreshing in my sunly clock, and my dad was so conceited in that auburn shop, i may well odor it bigger hot apple pie

i started the near-term game, but we lost and... well, life went on... you know that tune!

that was a marvelous spoils my dad and so a mixture of others gave a flashy, greedy undersized boy

unobsessed by greed, power, recognition, or materiality, natives men gave the Perceptible gift that keeps on giving

i munch not former, and will do my best to make it live


SCAPEGOATING AND MARGINALIZING MALES, Particularly FOR Trustworthy AND Masked Distance downward, Must Complete

Courteous MEN -- NOT Warning MEN, BUT Courteous MEN -- Behind Over Must BE Allowed TO BE Courteous

WE OWE IT TO THE Feel sorry for yourself, AND TO ALL GENERATIONS TO Spring, AND Natives WHO Traverse Reunion Perceive FROM Natives GENERATIONS



THAT'S MY Favor THIS Accept Benevolent