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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Anthropology Of Religion Lifeway Laws

Anthropology Of Religion Lifeway Laws

By Usen's care, Ho-dah....


This is an era of reward. Do we allow ourselves to cut the
gullet of the Close relative Who has nourished us as a kin before
we "came down from the vegetation"? Or do we work to pace in
Kindliness and Agreement with Her, and admit Her, and work to
see Her healed? The revitalization of Shamanism, the archaic
Terra firma Theology of practically all of the Earth's
pre-Agrarian cultures, is an unambiguous thing, foretold by
the Paiute seer Wovoka and in the Hopi Prophecies. It
was supposed that both the Red Man would return to the Ways of
the Old Ones and that the non-Native would besides resist the
Lifeway. Offer are non-Natives who respectfully show chosen
these Ways, and are elate them on in a reverent way. If
the Lifeway was truthful explicit for the Innate peoples, it would
die out within our enduring. Offer are hardly not a lot
traditional Elders deceased.

It has been unfashionable to some of us that Our Close relative The Terra firma is
not friendly to die unnoticeably. She has demonstrated this by
the improve in natural disasters of the subsequently decade, which
remain standing day by day. The Hopi prophecies own up that, in imitation of
the "toss full of residue" (supreme interpret this as the
Thermonuclear Let down
) is inverted, that Our Close relative shall
get up up in Her remedy exasperate and batter down humanity. This
premonition is coming true, excluding it may yet be reversable.
Maybe it is we who worship the Ways and pace in regulation
with Our Close relative that may break Her hand.

The Lifeway Fellowship is at hand for populace who wish to prayer
Our Close relative and Our Begin, Terra firma and Sky, and to prayer The
Supporter Of Construction, from whence all belongings pass in the Universe.
Our world-view is pioneer allied with that of the
Navajo/Dineh, Apache/Teneh, and Hopi peoples. Bar we do
not stalemate ourselves as the keepers of populace ways. The
secrets of populace Nations are for them alone, unless Usen'
needs to reveal them to us. Our errand is to help heal
Our Close relative, The Terra firma, and to help each other pace in closer
regulation with Her. We besides exist to let somebody have temporarily a way for urbanized
and sub-urban personnel to learn and practice the source Shamanic
techniques that aid us in discrimination our Usual Ghoul and Usual
Way of Declare, and in the manner of that Ghoul and that Way.

We enlighten ourselves as Pagan (Webster's New Dirt
Glossary "1. b
)...a beast who is not a Christian, Moslem,
or Jew (by entrust); heathen. Pagan explicitly refers to one
of the ancient polytheistic (or pantheistic) peoples.") and
as open Pantheists and Polytheists. The Lifeway
is truly a sanctimonious trustworthiness. No-one can make a trustworthiness
to the Lifeway and to the fancy of Construction Supporter, The Terra firma
Close relative and The Sky Begin and befall a worshiper of other
Paradigms of the Divinity, widely as one cannot be a Christian
and fancy the Greco-Roman pantheon. Bar this does not
middle the scorn of other Paradigms, nor push a levy to
"modify" others.

We stand by other Pagans who do not segment our paradigms, IE.
Wiccans, Asatruans, Hellenists, and other Shamanic traditions,
(African and neo-African(Santeria & Voudoun), Australian,
Siberian, Running Innate American, and Polynesian, to name
a few) and even even as we may disagree with some or all of
their practices and beliefs, they are Brothers, Sisters and
Cousins, and in become old of pestering as well as become old of
esteem we basic espousal them. We may even segment in their open
rituals and allow them to segment in our open ceremonials. But
that which is ours basic befall ours, in basic terms as that which is
theirs basic befall theirs.


As our Fellowship is insuppressibly sanctimonious, we basic publicize a
The(a)ology. (The strange spelling refers to the fact that
we have a Divine being as well as a God)
This is summed up very effortlessly. Offer are three main powers
we fancy, Usen' the Construction Supporter, The Terra firma Close relative, and The
Sky Begin. The latter Two are emanations of the Important, as
all, in addition to the God and the Divine being, are emanations from
Usen', which is the primaeval Important Infer.

Usen': One cannot circulate upon The Construction Supporter as either Gentleman or
Female, for The Construction Supporter is preceding populace distinctions.
Usen', and The Construction Supporter, are names for this Important Infer,
this Right that pervades all and caused all to come in the sphere of
existence. From Usen', the God, Sky Begin, and the Divine being,
Terra firma Close relative, distribute, as the insignificant Deities distribute from

The Terra firma Mother: We befall and pace and are lengthy from
The Terra firma Close relative, which is our Terra firma. She is made flesh, and we
all exist within Her as part of Her stuff. Science,
turn the Gaea Guesswork, has irrefutably confirmed Her
ranking, and some even show learnt the lesson that our
levy in this life is to meticulousness for and prayer Her. This is a
lesson that all basic learn, for as crave as we plunder Her,
we go out with Her vitriol. She is uttered turn the faces of
Pale Tinted Person, Who is The Person Wrestler, turn Bump
Close relative, Who is The Nourishing Close relative, and turn Spider
Person, Who is The Prophetic Person, The Long forgotten One, The Guard
of Realization. Women are confirmed as existence possible represent-
atives of The Terra firma Close relative.

The Sky Father: Fair-haired as concerning we Humans, organize is both Man
and Person, so organize is no Terra firma Close relative minus Sky Begin.
Sky Begin is the air we publicity, the cook on a spit that gives us
exhilaration and cooks our food, and brings forth the rain that
fertilizes Our Close relative and allows Her to let somebody have temporarily us with
the crops and nature that organize us. Sky Begin is besides
uttered as The Hunter, The Wrestler, and Important Shaman, and
is besides uttered in Contract killer Of Enemies and The Daughter Of
Dampen. He is besides approve of and confirmed as existence approve of
in every Man.

Offer are other spirits that exist in the Universe, some
beneficient, some maleficient. But supreme unambiguous is Usen',
Terra firma Close relative, and Sky Begin. By walking in regulation with the
God(esse)s, one can control the Roomy from the Monstrous, nearby
in Roomy, and defending each other from Monstrous.


We show our recipe of Ethics. It is neither dim nor
improperly warning. We do not take in ancient taboos in
this list, such as Mother-In-Law anticipation or the banned
in opposition to Lure, having the status of they may not put into service nowadays. If you
wish to not eat lure or to yearn for your Mother-In-Law for
sanctimonious reasons, it is your perogative. But it is not a

1.) If the action does not harm yourself, other personnel or
intelligent beings, or Our Close relative The Terra firma, you are free to
do as you wish.

2.) To charge for healings, sweats or ceremonials is true
unethical and extremely umbrage. Overly, to charge excessively
for teaching is for instance umbrage, but a good fee
best quality position is pretty good. Your principles is the best
guide, that and the Inner self of the Deities.

3.) Magick call for be slight truthful to protection of Person and
Respected Ones, and to healing and regulate populace in yearning,
provided that consent is explicit by the accommodating and that
help other than healing does not spy with the Inner self of
others. Magick that is recycled in a coercive (IE. Soft spot spells)
or detrimental (harming or killing magick) way is patently
unethical and is not rushed Black Magick.

4.) Draw near of spirits by any middling other than Shamanic
adventure or the Ghoul Pursue is very dicey, and Buy
is a real instance. The practice of mediumship, or
"channeling" has no place in the Lifeway, and exposes not
truthful Person but others to threat.

5.) Immoderation basic increasingly be asked of the spirits of plants
and/or nature or else spoils them for either food or
for restore to health.

6.) One's visions and one's not public ceremonies are one's
own. Variety visions call for not be tacit of, but equal
visions are for all of the group.

7.) It is unethical to criticise just starting out within the group or
come out in the open the group. Racism, sexism, autonomy or big
derision of others has no place in the Fellowship.
Individual decisions about practice and other genuine
issues not covered at hand are an individual's own affect.


Offer is truthful one Overture, which is the Overture that
makes one Kin within the group and in the catch sight of of The
Deities. It is explicit once one has in use their before time Ghoul
Pursue, has found their Declare Instinctive(s) and has met the
Shaman Wearing. It can truthful be denied to populace who show met
these needs, is younger than the real Age Of Consent
(in supreme spaces, 18 get-up-and-go) is not of well-structured think about, and/or is
under circumspection of existence a Law Enforcement Administrator or other
beast antipathetic to Pagan and/or Shamanic belief
who desires initiation for sullied purposes (generally to
infilitrate to either wreck or publically dishonor the
) Overture basic not be denied on rationalization of
physical disabilities, blindness, deafness, or bareness,
nor on rationalization of sex, pace, citizenship, adherent belief,
or sexual problem.

Offer are no set offices within the Fellowship. Ideally,
course call for be by consensus, with true leaders existence
crude and purpose-oriented. Facilitation of rituals may
be done by any Onset of the Fellowship. Being WHO
SHAMANIC FELLOWSHIP IS A Massage, AND IS Produce an effect SO Distasteful TO
THIS Show up OF Ethics AND Ethics.

Account of the Fellowship is done on a biologically possible and
equal headquarters. No tithe or levy call for be assessed unless
they show been selected upon by all members, initiates and
non-initiates similar.

Bias is lengthened to all. But initiation is retiring
for populace who bar the criteria mentioned arrogant.
Non-initiates can build in open ceremonials and in
basic workshops, but may be denied involvement in known
ceremonials and advanced workshops.


In traditional societies, the place Shaman was not in basic terms an
honorific, or honor of talents. Nor was it the
peak initiatory level in a Shamanic social establishment. The Shaman
was, in supreme personal belongings, arrogant the Head in management power
and was identify, doctor, father-confessor, and intercessor
with the Deities for the rush. Confident Shamanic societies are
now providing their link with "Shaman training
" and "Shaman apprenticeships" that can be had for
an exorbitant estimate. This implies that the duty of existence a
Shaman can be lucrative in money and in a set statement of time.
This is not the member. A range of tribes show that the subdivision
of Shaman is not one that is earned, but one that one is
uneducated in the sphere of. Surefire, the skills are never no matter which one is
uneducated with, and this is not precisely natural. Moderately, in imitation of
a child is uneducated, the grant Shaman would sense that the
child had the Doable of existence the next one, and the
child's training would begin in imitation of they were not rushed cool
by the Shaman. At adulthood, they would be hardened. If they
passed the test, they would become the next Shaman. If they
failed, generally the test was such that they would either die
unskilled, or they would go insane. A range of "bold search"
tales, and supreme mainly the Arthurian myths show echoes of
this practice within the ancient Shamanic traditions of

But the focus that is existence prepared at hand is that we call for not
go back to that exemplary of way of put it on belongings, having the status of in this
social establishment it is nigh on impossible. The stand I am gift
at hand is that honor as a Shaman can be conferred truthful
turn equal figure, and signs from the Deities. It is
not my place to say what the signs courage be confirmable
to the Fellowship. I am not Shaman for my part, and courage not
secure anyone calling me that. This is no matter which I place in
the lap of the Deities to establish. I cannot do whatever
foster. It is a pretense of populace personnel that can truly be
called Shamans, who are respected, powerful personnel of
traditional tribes, to do whatever less. In any occasion, to
profess such a place is definately not a lot, and is
declarable by losing ground Fellowship from the one who claims
to be Shaman inaccurately.

6.) FESTIVALS AND Look up to Generation

The festivals are reckoned as they show been for centuries
by supreme Southwestern tribes, by both the Sun and the Moon.
The seasons begin on the before time full moon once a Solstice or
an Equinox. The Solstices and Equinoxes themselves are
become old of celebration as well, and possibly the era concerning
the two (which generally works out to be no foster than a week
or so
) might be not rushed a time of Break. Slash
ceremonials are defensible on New Moons and Stuffed Moons concerning the
before time Stuffed Moons of the seasons. Optionally known Pagan
festivals might be noble in conjunction with other
groups, but they are not to be adopted as approved Lifeway
Fellowship conventional days.

Offer are other ceremonials that are not public in character, and
can be defensible at any time, excluding synchronizing them with
the Festivals and the New and Stuffed Moons is necessary. They
are Baptism, wherever a fresh child is named in the presence
of the group and their Life-beads given; Imminent Of Age,
wherever the child's physical elegance is confirmed, and
wherever, for a soothing time, they become Daughter of the Dampen (if
a boy
) or Pale Tinted Person (if a girl); Overture, wherever
a beast becomes a sensible supporter of the group, explicit
once a beast becomes a real adult; Combination, wherever a man
and a person leave to be married; Unjoining, wherever a man
and person who are nuptial leave to show the fuse
dissolved, which is to be done truthful once four reconcili-
ation attempts break down or once notation of wedded betrayal
or abuse is explicit or else the group; the Moonlodge, which is
a special donkey work for women in their Moon-time; and Make amends for,
wherever a tune-up for a dead supporter of the Fellowship is done
to guide their living Set in motion Get. Supplementary ceremonials that are
dreamed or envisioned by a beast or group are besides


A few quick ones: One can be either wearing clothes or exposed at
ceremonies, but it call for be predictable that none of the
Southwestern tribes did ceremonies in the in your birthday suit. Bar,
one call for disrobe for the donkey work company, as clothes are not
truthful ill at ease within the donkey work company, but spy
with the cleansing pour out of the company.

This Show up can be oral or rejected by notable
groups that federate themselves with Lifeway Fellowship. But
public can be denied to populace groups who stray too far
from some of the basic instructions, or do whatever that would
defile the document of the Fellowship in big.

Hi-dicho...this is full.
May these pickings plead Construction Supporter Usen', and the Close relative
and the Begin.
Chihacou White-Puma, 1988.