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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest
So, about this time you've harvested all the herbs you grew from end to end the summer... and most likely they are hanging, aeration, now what to do with them?

Here's some hints on using people herbs!

Altar Ticker tape

herbs bundles, sprinkles or wreaths are made by choosing plant life for their separate magics properties

Parsley Amulets and Talismans

Herbal mixes again utilising the herbs magics for clearing the space, for protection, for love, calming, refreshing, healing,conciliatory the person,the person, and spirit

Herbal Baths

Mixtures of offspring or dried out herbs or oil planning to add to your bathwater. Hand-me-down to stall a magical oddball, for cleansing and conciliatory the person and spirit.

Herbal Brews

Herbs infused in water, for out applications but not ingested

Herbal Tea

are brewed in water, steeped until the reparation rate has been limitless as a consequence tea is as a consequence ingested.

Herbs for flavoring provisions

additive herbs to provisions for bring clear energies all the rage the person. Hand-me-down for clearing the person policy, healing and magical, and of course, taste!

Herbs Therapeutic

herbs cast-off for their asset to aid in healing the person, the beware and the spirit

Herbs/oils are pied all the rage fat, beeswax, or other mediums.

Irritate Machinery

resin burned on top of charcoal to liberate the energy from the spy all the rage the air. Irritate sticks and cones are very cast-off in herbs magics


Herbs are infused in alcohol, hire their energies be limitless all the rage the alcohol

Herbal Perfume

Simple essential sweet-smelling oils are cast-off to anoint culture, in herbs magics rituals using candles and sacred things.

Herbal Soaps

Herbs and herbs magics oils are optional extra to homemade soaps

Now, lets get busy!