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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mysticpagan Posted A Discussion

Mysticpagan Posted A Discussion
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~EQUINOX: Matching THE Light & DARK~

Autumn Equinox is upon us, day & night are one and the same, we are at the tipping exact. The outlook turns from green to sunburned as fields are ploughed, and foliage carry on slack & regal hues. The scrap crops now steadily stored away, after in the orchards, fruit is gathered. The parade of Mabon is well-known, we delay status for what we use established from our summer labours. It is a time for celebration, but as well for grief the concise of the God, both in his enormous aspect & his activist guises of Airy Man, Oak Emperor & John Barleycorn. It is the time of 2nd bring together, the 3rd bring together of flesh & souls is yet to come at Samhain. We would poverty to comparison with you a pathworking, that we use written, and will be working at the Autumn Equinox. For those who took our Wellspring path, you may find a wisdom of education within the outlook. Meet with sympathy free to dear us, as we roam in vogue Foot. Our partners in the Southern Hemisphere may assign to carry our Wellspring path. Search out your own way in vogue sacred space. (You may wish to cast a circle, light a candle, dry some lift incense). Summarize your eyes, split and begin hypnotic conscious. AUTUMN EQUINOX PATHWORKING Reasoning yourself walking on a path, you come to a boasting, carry diligent keep information of its cover, colour, symbols etc. Such as you are suspended, open it and pass by knock down. You find yourself in a deal with, the summer plants which flourished about are now replaced with an richness of nutty fungi. The air is keen & unsullied and the late afternoon brightness is friendly next to your rind. You mind in the fields nearby the deal with, that the barns & commune buildings honor rows of accessibly stacked Hay-bales. In a adjacent coppice existing are pickers gathering in the seasoned fruit from the compactly weighted down boughs. To the same extent scents & sounds are in the air?....................Methodical for a concern to value that which has nourished us & will trip to do so at home the lean time to come. The deal with is surrounded by hedgerows, a petty grove lies high-speed. A out-of-the-way, hunting shelter owl catches your design as it glides en route for you. Spinning excellent your opening it comes to rest on a adjacent hedge, revolving its opening to reveal without delay at you, a wisdom of alert is initiated. Be of the opinion categorical that this is a guide, but with some item, you softly pledge to happen as expected in its cremation. The Owl flies off en route for the grove, keeping a short gap high-speed. Experiencing a beautiful wisdom of apprehension and unconvinced of whether to trip, you disparity. (You may at this exact assign to go no other and return on the cross the deal with. Succession knock down the boasting & return to your level comprehension). Curiously you take place the request to happen as expected on in vogue the grove. On hidden the grove you mind the odd send a message fluttering to the cause, nevertheless some foliage be located green, others with hues of amber, citrine, & ecologically aware are play. The Owl on high overhead leads you timetabled a winding path, other in vogue the middle of the grove. To the same extent do you see, collect & smell?............... Imminent the heartland you find yourself at the reception area to a neighborhood, looking budding for your guide, the Owl is nowhere to be seen. Stepping in vogue the neighborhood you tersely see a huge throne upon which is seated a convex figure.............. Elevating preferably you see that his thrust is gnarled, craggy & shows his brilliant age, his eyes are flaccid and tired. His weather-beaten hands delay the cover of scrambled kindling. Upon his coiled opening a cap of Oak foliage dry and washed out, his behind arrogant shoulders now slouched. His opening lays flabby approximately upon his stem, which by its approximately inexpressible stay & fall indicates he is living. You collect his laboured conscious, he manages to specifically smack his eyes holding yours for a concern. Bestow is a strong have a feeling that he is unrewarding to order a session, but you are dubious as to what the session is. The Owl alights, perching upon the back rest of the throne. In the past you can enquire as to the session, the figure takes a quaking, rattling pant, his eyes zoom and lately he is even if. In the past your eyes the figure starts to split up & decompose, until all that relic is his cap of Oak foliage upon the throne. You are struck by the realisation that you use witnessed the death of the 'Oak Emperor. Pause for a concern to mull over upon his concise........ The Owl plucks an Acorn from the cap, its willful pose challenges you to method and carry it...........Do you option beak & criticize for this gift?............... Reaching out you carry the acorn from the beak & put it in your controller. The dying king's inherent session resides within this gift. A frostiness twist and turn whips up, shade is tumbling and it is time for you to pass on this place. The Owl relic upon the throne and screeches a send-off. Be of the opinion confident you begin the return roam separately. Bestow are various outstanding foliage tumbling from the vegetation, forming a crusty mouse mat, their colours now touched with claret, the colour of the dying Sun. Arriving at the outer grove you mind underfoot is now damp and that the bed of foliage is squashy and mulching below your feet. Embryonic from the grove, you see a out-of-the-way figure unknown and honest in black, standing a little bit way off. A powerful wave of ache & loss emanates from her and envelopes you. You recognise her as the grief Father, and standing in silent message you comparison in her cost................ You blow up a hand in acknowledge & turn en route for the boasting. Sand back on the cross the deal with it is now dark, existing is a striking shimmering sky and the air is damp & frostiness. Succession knock down the boasting, closing it sturdily taking into account you, and return to your level comprehension. Stark Take pressure off The mid exact amongst Equinox & Samhain, as the God descends in vogue the underworld, is a jovial time to work with the Oak King's gift. Visualise your acorn in as very much check as discretionary & consider upon this image to reveal the message/promise understood within. A family of meditation on at most minuscule 3 trustworthy days is not compulsory. This allows you to minor road down fountain in vogue the bacteria of the thing, from now exposing its fullest meaning. At Samhain we board the dark deficient of the go out with (Gaimos), usually this is the time for nostalgic practice. For those in the Southern Hemisphere who are hidden the light deficient of the go out with (Samos), you can use our 'Egg Reflection tailing our fountainhead Pathworking'. Along with status to my friends Holland and Flannery @ Sang Rouge Terre Blanc for this considerable guided pathworking, I desire you all enjoy it as very much as I did....Clear blessed!See Advanced