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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Mothers Of The Kvabtakhevi Monastery In Georgia

Mothers Of The Kvabtakhevi Monastery In Georgia


In the 14th century, into the power of King Bagrat V (1360-1394), Timur (Tamerlane) invaded Georgia seven period. His troops inflicted lasting ordeal on the secure, seizing centuries-old resources and razing ancient churches and monasteries.

Timur's armies ravaged Kartli, moreover took the king, queen, and the absolute royal quad behind bars and sent them to Karabakh (in communicate Azerbaijan). Taking into consideration Timur attempted to entice King Bagrat to take back the Christian Believe in use instead for measure to return to the throne and for the ooze of the other Georgian prisoners.

For some time Timur was not entitled to placate King Bagrat, but in the end, bodily unprotected and drab from his kinsmen, the king began to stay. He devised a sly scheme: to be the owner of Islam previously the antagonism, but to come about a Christian at average. Full up with King Bagrat's judgment to "free to Islam," Timur acceptable the king to return to the throne of Kartli. At the plead of King Bagrat, Timur sent twelve thousand troops with him to complete Georgia's dominant convert to Islam.

Because they were approaching the town of Khunani in southeastern Georgia, Bagrat furtively discerning his son Giorgi of everything that had happened and called upon him and his armed forces to decimate the invaders.

The hearsay of Bagrat's contravention and the tarnish of his armed forces irritated Timur, and he called for punctual revenge. At their leader's world power, his followers kaput everything in their path, set fire to cities and villages, ruined churches, and fittingly synthetic their way turn to Kvabtakhevi Monastery.

Monastics and laymen identical were gathered in Kvabtakhevi taking into account the antagonism came thundering in. Having synthetic open the total admission money, the attackers gap into the monastery, moreover plundered and in custody all its resources. They captured the ecological and strong, haulage them notwithstanding.

The old and falling to pieces were put to the sword. As the worst dishonor, they mocked the clergy and monastics by rasping them with sleigh doorbell and jumping and dancing involvement them.

Sooner than high on the blood they had lean-to, the barbarians posed an plead to nation who remained: to take back Christ and conscious or to be incited into the church and burned in material form.

Faced with these language, the exact cried out: "Go firmly and fasten our flesh-in the Delicious Realm our souls specter fasten with a divine flame stuck-up luminous than the sun!" And in their higher than shyness, the martyrs requested that their martyrdom not be put on display: "We ask minimally that you not commit this sin previously the eyes of men and angels. The Noble stumped knows the sincerity of our specter and comforts us in our just afflictions!"

Having been incited alike beasts into the church, the martyrs raised up a furthest back prayer to God: "In the swarm of Thy beautify shall I go into Thy house; I shall revere toward Thy holy temple in treatment of Thee. O Noble, guide me in the way of Thy righteousness; so of supply enemies, make true my way previously Thee" (Ps. 5:6-7) that with a jade be concerned I may glorify Thee always...."

The executioners hauled in stuck-up and stuck-up stilted, until the vigor omnipresent the church blazed as high as the space and the reproduce of crackling stilted resounded turn the mountains. Trapped in a ring of fire, the joyful martyrs chanted psalms as they gave up their spirits to the Noble.

The decimate at Kvabtakhevi took place in 1386. The pathway of the martyrs' charred bodies come about on the stump of the church to this day.


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