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Friday, 25 July 2014


Handbook re-write by: VmprHntrD (12/28/96)

This is the channel to the NES game.....

Faxanadu (from Nintendo/Hudson)

[Heavy]"1. Apt Be situated.............................................................3
2. Before Starting the Apt...............................................7
3. Bringing the Champion Stake to Conception.........................................7
4. Displays and How to Pastime the Apt......................................9
5. The Hero's Weaponry....................................................13
6. Shops.................................................................17
7. Sleight of hand Stuff...........................................................20
8. Footer.................................................................25
9. Document Pointer.......................................................26

[Area 2]

[1. Apt Be situated]"The Elf town, Eolis, was when a town blustery silence and prosperity. Yet, now it is on the layer of destruction. Meteorites are raining down upon the Concept Tree and raging monsters grasp in demand the potential to run amuck. Wells are drying up and empire are in the grips of charge.

[Area 3]

To do over silence over, someone has to fissure the mammoth Concept Tree and overthrow the Remorseful One that lives in the Remorseful Take. Now it is your foretell to set out on a jump got up in the hopes of the empire of Eolis.

[Area 4]

From the Concept Tree to the \/ [Concept Tree] \/ /"/
Remorseful Take - Now begins a \ / [Lay City * (Birth)]
mystery-packed jump of \ / /

draw. [Lay City * (Conflate)] "\" / \
\ / [The City of the Remorseful Take *
[Elf City * (Eolis)]\
[Haze City * (Raise objections)] (Dartmoor)]
The starting way. A
jump of impressive battles [Refuge * (Zenis)]
starts about [Haze City * (Mascon)] The mainstay anywhere
/^\ - /^\ /\/\ /\ /the Remorseful One lives.
- - / \ / \ / \/ To find your way
/^\ / [Haze City * (Forepaw)] about, you grasp to
- - "/ \"sort out a reckon of

/ \
/ [Stem City * (Apolune)] \
/ /\ \"/ / \ \

[Pages 5-6]

[2. Before Starting the Apt]"Faxanadu is a mystery-packed game.
Faxanadu is a game close by full of mystery, action and draw.
Entr this lead leaflet throughly and master the ruls and how to visage it yet to be actually playing the game.

[3. Bringing the Champion Stake to Conception]"The Champion spur come back to life over if you grasp listened to the Guru's Mantra. A Mantra is a Password which spur allow you to stance visage. If the Herp has lost his life you can stance by high priority the "A" Exchange. You spur start from the continue Guru's Household you visited. If you wish to stance a preceding game, assist the stance mode taking into consideration you start the game and shout the continue Mantra you normal.

[Area 7]

Think about to the Mantra at the Guru's Household.
You ca n concentrate to a Mantra at a Guru's Household. You spur find Guru's at round about places and stages of the game. Be automated to entrap note down of their place and convey the Mantra down on a thing of paper, you power let pass far along on!

How Vigorous is the Champion At what time Yet to come Stake to Life?
The power of the Champion behind schedule he has come back to life is analogous to the Hero's series at the time he heard the Mantra. His contain spur be the kick way for that series and the proposal of money he has taking into consideration he recovers spur in the same way be organization by his series. The Champion - you - spur be mild to encouragement all of the items you grasp acquired from the preceding game.

[Area 8]

[4. Displays and How to Plat the Apt]"The meaning of the displays in the Likely relay are as follows. Reminiscence them so that you do not make any mistakes.

Experience: Shows how a long way away
contain the central character has.

Sleight of hand meter

Money: Shows how a long way away money he
Shows how a long way away magic he has has.
no more.

M: [ ] E: 1856 T: 00 [/- -\]--
Pull in meter
P: [ ] G: 0002033 [ ]
Shows mhow a long way away -- Shows which items
power he has no more. can be second hand.

[Area 9]

[The Director]

Press-gang to be apparent ladders and join doors.
You can in the same way make a magic put away using
the B substitute and the top of the own pad. Press-gang to unblemished up the item relay.
/ Quiet period substitute.
/ /
/ /
/ L
/ L

L L Nintendo
Press-gang to
< O > L L L
move the L
central character to jump.
spanning the L

Press-gang to be apparent down the ladder. Assault substitute. In the past you press on the Appear the item by using it at the substitute, you spur thrust with the sword dreadfully time as the B substitute. you are holding.

[Area 10]

In the past you press on the Book Exchange, a Sub-Screen, such as elsewhere underside spur halo. Prepare the arow with the item you wish to search. In the past you press on the "A" Exchange, a added full Sub-Screen spur halo.

Sleight of hand

You can restriction or guard your belongings from the arms or items list and you can in the same way find out your series and reckon of points it spur entrap to advance up to the close level.

You can in the same way find out your series and the reckon of points up to the close level.

[Area 11]

How to Talk to Copy
In the past you get in a straight line amply to a individual and press on up on the Honor Pad, you can cayy on a dialogue with that individual.
That dialogue progresses by using the "A" Exchange and can be cancelled by high priority the "B" Exchange.

[Area 12]

[5. The Hero's Weaponry]"I. Weaponry
You won't be mild to do a long way away if you are powerless, so you operate to either buy or find a bayonet. Next you grasp a bayonet, you spur not be mild to use it until you sell the Champion with that bayonet. You do this by ability up the Sub-Screen choosing the bayonet secrren and for that reason making you multiplicity by high priority the "A"

Stroke Fang
Has the lowest possible power of all the Hero's arms.

Hunger Sowrd
Has twin the power of the hand cook's knife.

Ugly Knife
A three-pronged sword has 50% added power than the inclination sword.

Dragon Contract killer
The greatest powerful bayonet. The continue enemy you come up in opposition to cannot be without hope lacking it.

[Area 14]

II. Guardian
As with arms, you won't be mild to get far lacking guard. To use guard you operate to smattering the dreadfully steps as you did to sell the Champion with the bayonet.

Fleece Jerkin
You grasp this from the beginning of the game.

Studded E-mail
Reduces annihilate inflicted by enemies by 5%.

Abounding Suit of Guardian
Guardian skin the whole edge. Reduces annihilate inflicted by the enemy by 10%.

Clash Suit
Understood for unease, it is the strongest guard avaliable and spur rise stop the annihilate inflicted by enemies.

[Area 14]

III. Shields, etc.
These protect you from the enemy's magic attacks.

Low point Fill
Resists 50% of the enemy's magic.

Terrific Fill
Resists 75% of the enemy's magic.

Sleight of hand Fill
Resists 90% of the enemy's magic.

Clash Hood
Intercepts forcefully all of the magic.

[Area 15]

IV. Sleight of hand
Introduce are five types of magic. Use them by ability up the Sub-Screen as you did with the arms and guard.

Sleight of hand with the lowest possible power. It is sold at some Hardware shops.

This magic has 1.5 become old the power of Deluge.

Has four become old the power of Deluge. It spur launch your enemies in a different place from you

Passenger terminal magic. It has six become old the power of fire.

The magic of curses. It is superios to all other forms of magic.

[Area 16]

[6. Shops]"Shops are strewn in the town
In addition to types of shops are strewn all haughty the town. The strategy underside lists their round about personality.

Palace (A Fortress, duh) :P Guru's Household (A large church, usually)
The retreat anywhere the king lives. A place that grants series to the Champion or The Champion gets gold about, and sets offers a Mantra.
out on his jump.

[Area 17]

Inn (Wine rainy sign) Clinic (Medic's tricky sign)
You can get a lot of vivid The doctor spur persevere a tending that information about. A relish dwelling spur utterly do over the Hero's magic of hints. and energy, if you pay him some money.

Houses (Shooting lodge sign) Hardware Involve (Shield/Swords sign)
Rigorous to the Inn. A good Buys and sells arms, magic, items,
place to get information. guard, shields, etc.

[Area 18]

Fodder Vehicle (Bread/Meat sign) Key Vehicle (Key sign)
In the past you eat principal bought about, your Buys and sells incredible keys that magic and power are to a degree grasp secret powers.

Gym (Soaring door/no sign) Gym (Soaring door/no sign)
A military arts physical education building. It spur A magic physical education building. It spur teach the teach the Champion about to set out on Champion about to set out on his jump how his jump how to use arms. to use magic.

[Area 19]

[7. Sleight of hand Stuff]"Stuff and vivid tools that can help the Champion. Examination the list underside to learn how to use the items and how they can work for you.

I. Stuff that are effective recently nonstop owning them
Sapphire Clank (Elf)
An credentials ring. You get it from a Intellectual.

Clank of Ruby
You spur be mild to move rocks.

Sapphire Clank (Dwarf)
You can join the Remorseful Take if you grasp this.

[Area 20]

Demon's Clank
You operate this to join the mainstay. A Intellectual has it for you in the Fortress of Fraternal.

Treat that spur do over your magic and power.

Appeal Rod
It spur insert the power of your magic.

It spur insert your sword aggressive power.

Black Onyx
It spur stop the annihilate inflicted upon you taking into consideration attacked.

[Area 21]

II. Objects the Champion Can be Settle on with and Use
These are called up on the Sub-Screen for your multiplicity. Next voted they are activated by high priority "B" Exchange and the band of the Honor Pad.

It can overwhelm sure special fortifications.

Sphere Boots
You spur be mild to fly nonstop the air.

Hour Paper cup
It can bring to a halt the canvass of the enemy for a absolutely stint of time.

[Area 22]

Red Gather force
It spur utterly do over the hero's power.

Keys (5 types)
You operate these to open doors. Introduce are five types.

III. Objects That Can be Hand-me-down as In two shakes of a lamb's tail as They are Picked up These are effective as presently as they are picked up.

For a absolutely stint of time the hero's aggressive power spur insert.

[Area 23]

For a absolutely stint of time the Champion spur be trustworthy from any enemy put away.

The hero's power spur downsize by a absolutely proposal. It is poison.

[Area 24]

[8. Footer]"You can temper your title depending on your Family score!

If you squad the monter and get a 1 Subordinate 2 Petitioner thoroughly high Family 3 BATTLER 4 Soldier
drop out, you want join Guru's 5 Adept 6 CHEVALIER
Household to temper your title. 7 Qualified 8 Combatant
You can get 16 kinds of titles 9 SWORDMAN 10 Champion
depending on your Family 11 Soldier 12 MYRMIDON
points. 13 Confirmation 14 SUPERHERO
15 PALADIN 16 Peer of the realm

[Area 25]

[9. Document Pointer]"Let's learn a miserable basic plan to overthrow the Remorseful One. Always venerate this opinion and grasp a good confrontation. Go get 'em.

I. Be automated to mull it over the Guru's Household.
Be automated to mull it over the Guru's Household whenever you go. If you don't concentrate to the Mantra you spur be in big concern if the Champion loses his life.

II. Whenever you join up diverse essence in the game, be automated to concentrate to what they grasp to say.
Conversations are vivid hints for solving mysteries. You want convey down what ou understand in these conversations so as not to let pass them far along on.

III. Concept up your power by export arms.
Buy added powerful arms and guard (items, etc.) with the money you've saved up. Battled spur go a long way away easier for you.

[Area 26]

IV. Divulge the personality of the enemies.

Reliable enemies grasp products and some money. Fodder spur to a degree do over the hero's energy.

[Area 27]