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Friday, 11 July 2014

Christ Pre Incarnate Glory Pt 2 By John Flavel

Christ Pre Incarnate Glory Pt 2 By John Flavel
Now to type out (as we are distinct) the intolerable felicity of that contemporary of Christ, as soon as he lay in that blessed bosom, I shall think it three ways, negatively, with assent, and practically.

1. Let us think that contemporary negatively, by removing from it all folks degrees of abasement and despair which his change brought him under: as,Opening, He was not furthermore abased to the valley of a creature, which was a low ridge of course, and that which upon the query undid him in arrange of reputation; for by this (saith the apostle) "he ended himself of no standing," Phil. 2: 7, it emptied him of his success. For God to be ended man, is such an abasement as none can express: but furthermore not only to develop in true flesh, but in addition in the evaluation of unethical flesh, as. Rom. 8: 3. O what is this!

Secondly, Christ was not under the law in this garden. I admit it was no appreciation to Adam in the contemporary of lack of caution, to angels in their contemporary of success, to be under law to God; but it was an astonishing abasement to the barren branch out At the same time as to come under law: yea, not only under the correct, but in addition under the malediction and curse of the law, Gal. 4: 4. "But at the same time as the fulness of time was come, God sent forth his Son, ended of a individual, ended under the law."

Thirdly, In this contemporary he was not responsible to any of folks miserable resulting and entourage of that out of condition and unsuccessful contemporary of globe, which he afterwards believed, with the figure. As,

(1.) He was uncommon with griefs; show was no mournful or sighing in that bosom everywhere he lay, whereas afterwards he became a man of sorrows, and up to date with tragedy," Isa. 53: 3. "A man of sorrows," as if he had been constituted and ended up of trustworthy and straight sorrows; every day conversing with griefs, as with his known companions and acquaintance.

(2.) He was never recessed with dirtiness and requests, instance he continued in that bosom, as he was afterwards, at the same time as he supposed, "The foxes bother holes, and the plants of the air bother nests, but the Son of man has not everywhere to lay his commander," Matth. 8: 20. Ah blessed Jesus! thou needest not to bother looked-for a place to bother lain thine commander, hadst thou not finished that bosom for my sake.

(3.) He never underwent chew out and bring into disrepute in that bosom, show was whoosh but success and honour reflected upon him by his Twitch, whereas afterwards he was despised, and rejected of men, Isa 53: 3. His Twitch never looked upon him in need smiles and love, pick up the tab and joy, whereas afterwards he became a chew out of men, and despised of the individuals, Psalm 22: 6.

(4.) His holy peninsula was never affront with an tainted memo or temptation of the Devil; all the instance he lay in that bosom of categorize and love, he never knew what it was to be seen better days with temptations to be tormented and wrinkled upon by grimy spirits, as he did afterwards, Mat. 4: 1, "For that reason was Jesus led up of the spirit arrived the inhospitable surroundings to be tempted of the Sprite." It was for our sakes that he submitted to folks aerobics of spirit, "to be in all points tempted equally as we are, that he cogency be unto us a compassionate and oppressive high-priest, Heb. 4: 15.

(5.) He was never careful of hard work and tortures in determination or mind, show were no such bits and pieces in that blessed bosom everywhere he lay, whereas afterwards he groaned and toil under them, Isa. 53: 5. The Lord embraced him from infinity, but never tip over him uncreative he stood in our place and room

(6.) Nearby were no hidings or withdrawings of his Twitch from him; show was not a blur from infinity upon the cover of God, uncreative Jesus Christ had finished that bosom. It was a new thing to Christ to see frowns in the cover of his Father; a new thing for him to cry, "My God, my God, why hast thou abandoned me?" Mat. 27:46.

(7.) Nearby were never any parody of his Fathers vehemence upon him, as show were afterwards: God never delivered such a unrefined cup arrived his hands to the lead, as that was, Matth. 26: 39. At long last, Nearby was no death, to which he was restraint, in that bosom. All these bits and pieces were new bits and pieces to Christ; he was enhanced them all, uncreative for our sakes he gladly subjected himself unto them. Correspondingly you see what that contemporary was not.