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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Assorted Oils For Blessing Banishing White Light And Others

Assorted Oils For Blessing Banishing White Light And Others
Weak Sage Essential OIL

This sacred herb of Venus is concurrent with healing and customary health, love, fine-tuning of strum, and psychic powers.

It may be hand-me-down with white, fair-haired, crimson, violet, red, green, or orange candles, depending upon your mean.


Watermelon is regarded within the New Orleans tradition as lending force and animation.

Use a few drops in your have a bath water or wear equally you habit release survival. It may furthermore be hand-me-down to anoint white candles indicating someone who is getting better to hold out them added force and quality salvage

Precious stone Undergrowth OIL

This is a horrible oil with which to anoint your magickal tools.

1/4 scrap lime oil,

10 drops anise oil, 2

0 drops lavender oil,

15 drops jasmine oil,

3 drops ylang-ylang oil,

10 drops honeysuckle oil,

flower:oat straw,

gem: peridot

mix and apply to everyplace it is vital

CITRUS Refinement OIL

In the same way remarkable to add to concentrated effort products or mop water in the kitchen;

if you can't find lemongrass oil, use four drops of rigorous lemon oil,

which is easy to find. Citrus oils control the ameliorate of original sticky.

3 drops Orangey

2 drops Lemongrass

2 drops Lemon

1 blunder Whole

use an a sanitization oil and annoint candles, yourself, magical tools. Or make in a larger quanity and use to purifiy your kitchen

Weak Smart OIL

to juggle the white light of protection

1 tablespoon sage

1 tablespoon ginger

dry trim of one lemon

Dry petals of 2 white roses

1 teaspoon vanilla illustrate

1 teaspoon almond illustrate

1 teaspoon coconut illustrate

7 flattened bay trees

mix together and use as oil on candles, yourself, on where you inclination the protection

Cherub OIL

for contacting the blessed realms

15 drops amethyst oil

10 drops almond illustrate

10 drops vanilla illustrate

Color: crimson or light green

Kindness OIL

to help you enlist to your divine source

20 drops almond illustrate

10 drops rose oil

5 drops amethyst oil

5 drops lemon oil

3 drops cinnamon oil

Color: violet

Discrete Kindness OIL

This oil can be blended together in advance and hand-me-down for any ritual requiring blessing, anointing or devoutness oil.

Intermingle Your Own Kindness Oil

To make Kindness Oil, use 1/8 Cup pivot oil of your go. Add the following:

5 drops Sandalwood

2 drops Camphor

1 blunder Orangey

1 blunder Patchouli

As you manufacture the oils, dream your scheme, and slap in the aroma. Inform that this oil is sacred and magical. Trade name, give it some thought, and store in a cool, dark place.


This oil can be hand-me-down on candles, as a mist, or at doorways to use in a banishing spell

1/2 oz lime oil

15 drops fade away oikl

12 drops rue oil

7 drops spot oil

10 drops peppermint oil

flattened black peppercorns

bit of obsidian or black onyx.

Settle on all ingredience together and set in a problem carafe to submerge up the full moons rays!

Allow the sunlight to hit the carafe for a week