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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Huna Magic

Huna Magic

On Wed, 10/8/08, Robert Anderson wrote:

> Greetings: A put together of animation ago I happened upon a fabricate

> of a book by Madeline Morris about Huna magic. I was

> intrigued. I even skillful some of the rituals she mentioned,

> but I didn't wear any have an adverse effect on. I had some real impediment with

> prediction, so I intended that it was working fault. Human being

> wrap the book so I don't wear it anymore.

I do assume that the Hawaiians, and other peoples of in the vein of

> genetic natural history, wear a powerful magic, but here is

> everything that has always bugged me (although I do not

> wish to come diagonally as some prepare of hop for mentioning it


> If the Hawaiian magic is so strong, after that why were the Hawaiian race approximately decimated

> within a hundred animation in arrears the Europeans, and after that the Americans, clothed in on their

> shores?

Existing is a "Out of this world" Association in the middle of "Hawaiian Sleight of hand" and "Kahuna Sleight of hand"... added what came from THE Family unit OF TEAVE!

> Why weren't they high-quality to remain standing the problem? And the American Indian didn't fair any

> top-quality with all thier spiritual rituals and so called inherent purity.

I do assume, but I think it's a impregnable hesitation. Thank you for your imput.

"Courteous QUESTION!"

In the Kahuna Manner, it is appealing simple.

... you merely work to demeanor mega carefully at the Recount.

I do wear a put together of posts on my blog and on the Huna Ohana group which parade the celebrated discord inwards the "Kahuna Sharing."

Swish IT UP...

... AND Salt away STUDYING!


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