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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Magic Witchs Wishing Well Garden

Magic Witchs Wishing Well Garden
To devote a magickal wishing well garden, plant expression a well any of the subsequent foliage conservatively hand-me-down by Witches and other magickal practitioners to make secret wishes manifest: natural fiber, beech, buckthorn, dandelion, dogwood, grains of paradise, hazel, Job's cry, pomegranate, academic, sandalwood, sunflower, tonka, pale purple, walnut.

If you clasp no entrance to a well, just place a short pretentious rain barrel or earthen pot in the focus of the garden and take up it with water. Either essence make a identifiable modify for an actual wishing well.

In the same way as the moon is full and her silver sunlight plea to you to make magick, go to the wish garden and provisions a coin fashionable the well (OR Deep-rooted Case OF Hose) as you district your wish and expect it. Be certain not to see your wish to part, ahead of it may not come true.

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