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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Portrait Of Dr Bernard Raymond Fabr Palaprat

A Portrait Of Dr Bernard Raymond Fabr Palaprat
"Perfect example of the pubescent" DR. BERNARD-RAYMOND FABR'e-PALAPRAT "courtliness of l'Academie nationale de m'edecine, France."

What the fake of my story of "THE L'eVITIKON: THE GOSPELS ACCORDING TO THE Archaic House of worship", impart is burgeoning concern in the life and period of the Johannite Church's premature Patriarch once the Rebuilding, The Most Rev. Bernard-Raymond Fabr'e-Palaprat.

In 1773 (the document snooty is pretend with the appreciate 1775), Bernard-Raymond Fabr'e-Palaprat was natural in the payment of CORDES, which is in the separate of Tarn, within the Midi-Pyr'en'ees province of the times of yore parish of Languedoc, in southwestern France. The nearest region to Cordes is the community of Albi, namesake of the Albigensians: the Cathars.

In our time Fabr'e-Palaprat's residence lies about one hour from Toulouse by car, and two and a unfinished hours to the north of Rennes-le-Chate^au and Monts'egur. The the public misrepresented its name in the 1980s to "Cordes-sur-Ciel" in fee to the skies that noise the idyllic meeting small town. It is considerable to letter that Cordes, which in the old Occitan chat of southern France is recognizable as "C`ordas", was built and premature approved the reparation to be a watched over payment by the Cathar Toting up Raymond VII of Toulouse in 1222. Flat now, the center path in the the public is called the "Grand Rue Raymond VII."

Strength for the pubescent, smart Bernard-Raymond was responsible loaded with nice days, steaming pots of the homewards moral white bean stew recognizable as "cassoulet," and unremitting reminders of the bountiful and sometimes technical and intermittent sincere history of the south of France. Arranged his place of social class, it is not exhausting to understand why Bernard-Raymond Fabr'e-Palaprat came to show such an elevated alcove in the Rebuilding of the Gnostic Apostolic Habit. In arrears all, he was a son of Albi, storybook for its friends to the cult of the Black Madonna, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Esclarmonde de Foix, tons Templar families, and of course, the Cathar people.

Tons Johannite and other Gnostic sources state that Dr. Fabr'e-Palaprat practiced medicine at the patio of Napoleon I. According to the doctor's credentials, torpid precisely archived by the "Biblioth`eque Nationale" in Paris, taking part in the encircle of Paris, Fabr'e-Palaprat intrepidly treated scores of displease band and civilians under heavy fire. In 1814 he usual the "L'egion d'Honneur", France's excel resident and armed forces sign over. You can see scanned originals of his characters times past and other credentials at the Federal History OF FRANCE.

In 1804, the especially time in which Dr. Fabr'e-Palaprat open the Greek dissertation containing "THE L'eVITIKON", and 10 soul ahead to his own elaboration at the fetid of "ch'evalier" or "knight" of the Armed forces, Napoleon I whispered a omnipotent feast and magnificence for new Legionnaires having the status of meeting in the control of the Merovingian king DAGOBERT. This vanity was firm at the base camp of the Grand Followers at Boulogne, which was preparing to comprehend England.

Flat if the Merovingians were the premature majestic tend of France, Bonaparte's aloof of furniture, so openly invoking the ancient Legislative body of Merov'ee, which some sprint holds the full-blooded of Jesus and Mary of Magdala, was not unsaid by tons of the emperor's own entourage. Accusatory what Napoleon's set was on the use of Dagobert's throne is conceal approved that his own confidant and cause, the Baron C.F. de Meneval himself did not take in the cost of the seat nominated. The ancient control was most probably sharp and ill at ease compared with the blossoming velvet and ermine thrones of the French Evolution measure. De Meneval in fact recalled that the use of the control "whispered in some disdain by the fashionable soul." ("Saga OF NAPOLEON", 296)

Doesn't matter what the fabrication of the protect of Merovingian regalia at the Legionnaires' magnificence, a few months taking into consideration, on 25 November 1804, and a few days previously his noble coronation, Napoleon met with the Roman Pontiff in secret. This was the social and supporting setting of Dr. Fabr'e-Palaprat's expos of the "L'eVITIKON "in Paris that especially time.

The rigorous convention amid Napoleon and the pope took place in Paris, but not as a Own wait. Voguish their internal summit, the pope reportedly provoked Napoleon to sign a document in which Louis XIV "disavowed the articles of the give your promise of the clergy in 1682, which was regular up by BISHOP JACQUES B'eNIGNE BOSSUET as the root of the liberties of the Gallican House of worship. Bossuet, in the face of never condemned by the Vatican, whispered shrewdly crafted and well control out textile on Church-State associations that one power interpret as middle Jansenist. The pope promised to soak this act of complaisance secret." ("Saga", 310)

Was Napoleon elusion his bets? Was the cunning passing Corsican layout the enterprise of an resolute "House of worship of John" for his new French Evolution - in the know-how of the See of St. Peter? Perhaps, he was by all accounts a glittery attach, but this passing displease days previously the noble coronation tells on about the dealings of 1682 than it does about Bonaparte's sincere leanings. The pope was asking that Napoleon sign a document repudiating the duty of the French Independent to his elevated duty planed the resolute Catholic House of worship in France, which was claimed - and never relinquished legally - by Louis' successors. Donate, it is consequential to get back that once Louis XIV, his nephew, Philippe d'Orleans, served as regent for Louis XV. This Philippe is the Duke of Orleans who was ordained Grand-Master of the Organize of the Place of pilgrimage, and reformer of its statutes. In name gone, but torpid by aspire, this finished Philippe and his successors the Johannite Patriarchs - privy to the secrets and the crash of St. John and everything that entailed. Between a rewnewed monarchy, such as the one Napoleon was about to initiate, all of these prerogatives would in the end fall hip the noble lap. And the pope knew it.

Judging from Napoleon's own writings on religion, it is responsible that he was on attracted for the wellbeing of his enterprises than any sincere recalcitrance. In the role of now in Egypt, Napoleon regularly showed his be and even desired for Islam planed his organic Catholicism. By all accounts Napoleon Bonaparte was a well read, cultivated and fairly plaza individual for his time. But he was no mystic, and he knew that refining an nation based on the praising course and worship for France as the cultural boss of Europe should bow to Roman Catholic tradition, if only for nearness.

Fabr'e-Palaprat no negativity knew of the emperor's feelings concerning Rome, which enabled the lawful early stages of the restored Johannite House of worship, but this ability I assume satisfactory dismayed the Johannite wits of a new tolerant of Christianity for a new tolerant of Europe.

Yet, Fabr'e-Palaprat stayed in good standing at patio, and record dangerously, he remained in Paris for record of his mature life working on tons difficult social and remedial projects. Statement from his service as Grand-Master of the Organize of the Place of pilgrimage and taking into consideration as Patriarch of the Johannite House of worship, Fabr'e-Palaprat was ordained to the "Soci'et'e Galvanique" of the Seminary of Sciences which was truthful for identifying and abundant the best and brightest practical minds in France, expressly in the hound for understanding and harnessing electricity. See: "Un h'eritage des Bonaparte :Le prix du galvanisme (1802-1815) et le prix Volta (1852-1888")

Roughly his all-time, Bernard-Raymond Fabr'e-Palaprat excelled in moreover the society in which he was natural, and in refining and implementing the sciences which he costly so much: physical, social, and spiritual. In the role of he lived in Paris, Fabr'e-Palaprat worked within his own community as Exceptional of health and social services for the 9th Arrondissment of the community. ("Presse m'edicale". 1947. 55. pp. 729-730, portr.) Whether as a remedial doctor, a territory servant, an esoteric practitioner, or as Patriarch of the Johannite House of worship, he often planned the inner meaning of his own spiritual path hip service for his community. As distant as his writings on ecclesiological and liturgical matters power be seen as moderately solemn for our day and age, make no mistake: this Patriarch and his progeny today measure distant in mutual. They moreover work in the world and bolster moreover spiritual and temporal desires as a part of their exhausting problem as leaders of a exact and very ancient tradition. It is subsequently appropriate and true to the spirit of the Johannite Habit that the Patriarchate of +Ioannes IV has ushered in the "L'eVITIKON "open by +Bernardus Raymondus, now finished territory to the wider world in English.

Still once his death, the Johannites split and doubtless tons of Fabr'e-Palaprat's thoughts were scratched pithily, his industrious side to living the Johannite Habit gave tons gifts to the people of France, and now to all of us.

In his dreary soul the esoteric doctor from the Cathar saving not here Paris and retired to Pau, a community to be found in the Pyrenees timetabled the especially smart with Spain planed which thousands of Cathars fled the fires of cruelty so tons centuries previously. According to the Urban of Pau's credentials, The Most Rev. Bernard-Raymond Fabr'e Palaprat died at the age of 65 on 18 February 1838, 34 soul once the Johannite House of worship and the Organize of the Place of pilgrimage were reinvigorated, and ten soul once the officer root of the Johannite House of worship of Archaic Christians was qualified by the French Government. At the time of his death he was a widower of the late Genvi`eve Blusse. ("History NATIONALES, Heading : LH/922/16")

In the role of impart are tons criticisms to be finished concerning Fabr'e-Palaprat and his mature, his service to his guy family acceptably illustrates his commitment to this omnipotent problem which we attractiveness thoughtfulness.