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Friday, 2 December 2011

A Ghost Story And Some Spells

A Ghost Story And Some Spells Image
Tne rainy night many centuries ago,I was in my house....

It was late. I think after midnight. I was writing some new spells in my book of shadows...

when suddenly i heard a melody!

A piano melody!

But... there wasn't any radio or tv set switched on!

I realized that the melody was coming from downstairs!

From the living room!


But who could be? Nobody in my house plays the piano. Only me. And i was surely not playing at that time!

The melody became louder.

Cautiously, with a shaking heart i went downstairs.

It was dark and i couldn't see clearly.

I lit a candle.

The piano kept on playing.

I walked towards it and....

i saw the most beautiful tiny ghost fairy i've ever seen!

She was sitting on my chair and she was playing the piano amazingly well!

I sat by her side and together we played a wonderful piece "The curious story,"

as we were singing in the middle of the night! Fortunately almost all my neighbours are friendly to the fairy-witches like me and noone seemed to notice the noise!

For a moment i felt like we were among the stars, up in the sky...

oh! i was so glad that the intruder was a ghost fairy! For a moment - and that's why i was so scared - i thought it was...a human being! That is the creature i'm afraid of...

Later me and the fairy, who revealed me that she was the tea-fairy once, had a cup of hot magic tea in my kitchen and when the sun started to arise she got ready to leave. She wished me luck and she gave me some fairy spells to share with you!So here they are!


"* Red witch love spell : Place a beautiful red apple beside a red witch candle. Burn the candle while murmuring incantations of love. Feed the apple to your heart's desire."

"* Insomnia incense : Blend pine, juniper and ledum and burn as incense. This soothes an insomniac to sleep while stimulating prophetic dreams at the same time."

"* Seven waves ocean cleansing : Immerse yourself in ocean waters to achieve aura cleansing.When seven waves have passed over you, the cleansing is complete."

"* Better business: Blend dried basil, benzoin and ground cinnamon and burn as a business - drawing incense."

"* Horn charm spell : Find a small horn or cornucopia with sage leaves to protect against the Eye. Wear it or situate it strategically."