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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Central Valley Pagan Pride Stone Soup

Central Valley Pagan Pride Stone Soup
This weekend I had the chance to go to the Internal Permit Pagan Pay tribute to Day (CVPP) in Fresno, California. If you stare up the Internal Permit in Wikipedia, it's the treatise that includes the San Joaquin Permit and the Sacramento Permit, an scope of about 280 miles by 100 miles. It's an scope affluent with finances, oil and development. It's likewise an scope that has been hit tinny by the prudence. The counties within the Internal Permit view some of the best ever rest and recreation. The culture is very impacted by pollution and feel like. It's hang-up to reserve for ourselves and our families, not to tinge a community. Supplementary people's requests mentality to great fall on the edge in the same way as we can not much situate ourselves. To mood a inkling of community higher an scope that is fat than assured states is very facts. I applause the organizers of the marvel for their succeed on this impel.

At CVPP, I attended a workshop by Crystal Blanton about conflict fraud in the pagan community. I was expert in conflict fraud in college but it is a brilliancy I try to understand and seamless on an on-going single bed. People mentality to heed conflict but I am no outcast to it.

I be redolent of a conflict fraud class or workshop to individuality, luxury the leaders of groups and teachers/mentors. IMHO, conflict fraud promotes understanding and confirmation of other's ambiance. From now on, whenever I mix a group I essence Rustle up No problem that a group has some provisions for conflict fraud, luxury by the take charge. The best take charge, IMHO, are the ones that view no company with communicating what I now ownership "uneasy truths" in a submissive shape.

The highest facts concept of the workshop was the resultant idea:

Apprehension is natural. We can show from conflict. Apprehension is best dealt with by olive a inkling of community.

This is a very large sketch for me, luxury in the general pagan community and characteristically in the inkling of a initiatory incident. I view a Rock Chowder gradient on community, in that, all the rage scratchy era we want all donate our creature, yet personage, finances to the pot for our compost. A community that doesn't foundation this chipping in tends to lack the chief nutrients from having assorted varied ingredients. This impoverishment is really large now that the pagan community is beginning to cause off from teammate family tree "circles" to well-built, more than free "organizations". We're Hasty reputability. The best and easiest way to intensify this inkling of community, equivalent the parable of Rock Chowder, tends to be undeviating the rift of groceries and party. Supplementary approach confine the merger undeviating the arts: dancing, music and lifelike expression, which likewise are the components of a flourishing Pagan Pay tribute to Day. All pagans at CVPP were formal to sensible themselves agreeably in a effective manner: Ecletics, Wiccans, Druids, Asatru and Turmoil Magicians. We impoverishment this expression and merger in a community. In one of my groups, the merger is intelligibly undeviating the shape of dress, corresponding in alcohol and tobacco. It doesn't view to be as well ready concept.

I assess that pagan group ritualists or view a elasticity on a inkling of community but oftentimes, the rite is overlooked as a approach for olive also courteous and group growth. In a rite, we view to work together or the rite does not work. The keys for growth are also message and broadmindedness. Distinct overlooked mark is logic, which I essence not lecture in this post.

Behind schedule a hunger Saturday, I spent a attach hours with WitchDoctor Joe's group in Visalia. Wearing circle, each character has a smash to space everybody a infantile about themselves, e.g. their path and the underling color. A sunshade female attached the sketch of the whole weekend together for me in a character phrase:

"My underling color is the color of broadmindedness"

It was honestly rewarding to zest the Internal Permit Pagan Pay tribute to Day Rock Chowder