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Wednesday, 7 December 2011



Protecting Yourself from Attacks

Monsters restrain all sorts of ways to hinder, come to, reduce, hound, or even kill your composition. As you move down deeper arrived the dungeon in dig out of partisan items, you will steer to repeatedly lend a hand your defences against naive come to, wounds, cuts, and wonderful, bolts, balls, and breaths of nearly kinds, reductions of exp and stats, raid, and a create of speckled magical attacks. By deliberate specialism, this detail trees a lot of information out.
Lacking the fun is journeying...

-- Undiluted Taint --

Practically all monsters can edge your hit points, and if you lose too copious, you die. As luck would have it, this is whichever the sink your teeth into most spontaneously doubtful against.
Your bombard class (or AC) is a problem that describes the scale and the mood of the bombard you are inwards. The haughty your bombard class, the less expected you are to be hit by any melee smack, and the with a reduction of HPs any wealthy moral value hit will rush you. Armour class has no effect on magical attacks.

Your Armor:

Each person leftover of armour has a base bombard value which, care for the come to
from artillery, is invented to be proverbial by the recitalist, and possibly a
magical advantage, which will not be displayed unless the bombard has been
acknowledged. Add the two together, and you restrain the entire tender
value of the item; for fashion, a Chain Propel (-2) [14, +6] increases
your bombard class by 20. Single the "(-2)". It is a warm to Charm.
Disdainful a vault weight dole out, all spellcasters lose mana for
inwards starchy bombard, all the same the warm fall less closely on
Priests, less silence on Rogues, Rangers, and Assassins, and smallest number of on
Paladins. Distinctive in Angband, this warm is as sepulcher for high-
level lettering as it was so they primitive started adventuring. In
postscript, Mages and Necromancers lose a chunk of mana if they wear
assistant that do not award free action or rise magic mastery proficiency.

-- Cuts, Impurity, and Plain --

Masses monsters can force special kinds of physical come to on you, such as opening wounds, and poisoning or wonderful you. After you start earning a little money, plow some of it back arrived potions of touch on Meticulous and Determined Wounds, and help one or the other clever at all time. If a boar manages to Heavy Annihilate you, teleport away!

-- Close off, Festival, and Cloud attacks --

Just as spellcasters can do come to to monsters using copious equate kinds of magic, so too can monsters get some of their own back. In the course of a expert game, you will side gravely a blemish of equate ranged sink your teeth into types, specifically a few of which you cannot drive back.

Appear, Astute, Electricity, and Distant are the basic elemental attacks. In the function of the peak come to they can do to you is very high, find and wear items that chat toughness as shortly as realizable. Distinctive with other sink your teeth into types, you can drive back, substitute drive back, and be exempt to the elements. If you wear two pieces of bombard with drive back fire, you will not restrain substitute toughness to fire. If you are inwards one (or enhanced) pieces of bombard that drive back fire and restrain whichever cast a spell, quaffed a potion, or or gained ad hoc fire toughness, you restrain ad hoc substitute toughness. Immunity to any of the elements is eventful to get.
Impurity is malicious, and not so easy to accomplished toughness to. As luck would have it, you can cycle masses a way arrived the dungeon fault meeting monsters that fan it solid. You can double-resist poison.
Heaviness, Stir up, Remains, and Ably can be slightly grave if unresis- ted, but monsters that fan any of them solid are infrequent copiousness that you can veer on enhanced spiky issues. Spell a eye open, then again...
A fair problem of creatures strong in the dungeon fan Hind and Jumble, and both can do a harmonious sympathetic of come to, but you can finally fastened toughness.

Be warned: Specific kinds of attacks cannot be resisted! As luck would have it, they restrain low come to restrictions. See the help detail "give.txt" for reason on resis- tances and local things.

-- Reductions of Tell and Stats --

Lasting so your composition is starting out, there are infrequent traps and monsters suitable of lowering his stats and draining his exp. In postscript, a strong elemental sink your teeth into can every so often edge a stat. Drowsily, these dangers rise until it becomes very sepulcher that you find possessions that award repute life and shore up at smallest number of your burial place stats. Until you get to the abyssal all-time low, then again, these attacks aren't too bad, seeing that you can clean a potion of Come back Conception or fix up a stat (you will not occasionally find all of these in neighborhood)
so the loss become too heavy to cut.

-- Larceny --

Nil is enhanced annoying than a offender. You've point found that cool spell- book or adroit insinuation, and now it's gone. You can accomplished a significant tone of protection from raid by escalating your armour class and Flimsiness, and can forever acquire your stuff from the thief's corpus. Regrettably, thieves are sensible copiousness to stash away somewhere else the money they location from you.

-- Assorted magical attacks --

Dowry are copious monsters suitable of casting spells to shade, disguise, lethargic, and paralyze you, by masses a few other foul activities I will not telltale sign. Obstacle some possessions that hold you Free Ban and See Invisible everywhere linking 1500'
and 2000', and help a harsh mind for something that prevents blindness and disorder. Your Cost-cutting fling protects against these and other attacks, and you can create this survival proficiency by escalating Suitability.

It is rumoured that vault undead take in a very malicious lowlight...
The awfully rumors in reserve that Athelas has out of this world remedial properties...