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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Fact Or Myth Wizard City Edition

Fact Or Myth Wizard City Edition
Did a tree really course together the Spiral? Was Malistaire really a literary at Ravenwood? Is Elik's Shear really home to a bitter giant? All of this and patronizing in the experimental translation of Detailed of Allegory - the Wizard Municipal version!

Detailed or Myth? Bartleby put the Pirouette together by himself.

"Grandmother Raven assisted Bartleby in the creations of the Pirouette."

Detailed or Myth? Merle Ambrose knows Rage magic.

"It is never recognized that Merle knows a selection of Rage magic, even whilst it's would-be."

Detailed or Myth? Malistaire was subsequently a governess at Ravenwood.

"Malistaire subsequently instructed the Deficit students."

Detailed or Myth? Cyrus Drake is Malistaire's amplify brother.

"Yes, they're twins!"

Detailed or Myth? Merle Ambrose has a pet named Gamma.

"It's his pet owl!"

Detailed or Myth? Elik's Shear is an pasture where a bitter gigantic is sometimes summoned.

"If you're lucky, you'll see questing students summon the giant!"

Detailed or Myth? An matter relic, the Eye of Problem, has gone astray.

"Bartleby lost the Eye of Preceding, if you've done you're homework!"

Detailed or Myth? You'll sporadically see a Judgement in the Recreational area.

"Fact! Size students summon one acquaint with for an early quest!"

Detailed or Myth? Grandmother Raven is the oldest accepted seeing that in being.

"Bartleby outdoes Grandmother Raven in existence."

Detailed or Myth? Bartleby's children are fully developed for the billboard keep apart of the Pirouette.

"Bartleby's children tore the Pirouette faraway - they were the titans!"

Detailed or Myth? The Professors know the Spiral's secrets crown than self or at all excessively at Ravenwood.

"The foliage at Ravenwood know the secrets of the Pirouette best."

Detailed or Myth? Allure existed ahead the in print word.


Detailed or Myth? Rage, Ice, and Encircle, the billboard types of magic, come from the experimental three worlds of the Pirouette.

"The experimental three types of magic come from Bartleby's children - the titans!"

Detailed or Myth? The power of Allegory, Come into your own, and Deficit comes from within the wizard casting the spells.

"True! Spiritual wizards rely on concern, custom, and specter for power."

Detailed or Myth? Size magic combines all of the schools' elements.

"Size "balances" all aspects of each school."

Detailed or Myth? Encircle magic is about ingenuity.

"I don't idea Insane Skedaddle spamming creative, but that wasn't how Encircle was imaginary to be used."

Detailed or Myth? Come into your own wizards can patronizing powerfully heal others than themselves.

"Come into your own wizards are built to heal others, yes, but they can heal themselves crown."

Detailed or Myth? Dalia Famlea enjoys cream Waltz.


Detailed or Myth? Alhazred likes rainstorms.

"Alhazred actually DISLIKES rainstorms... and students stepping on his tail!"

Detailed or Myth? Deficit magic sits along with Ice and Encircle.

"Deficit draws on the power from each of these elements."

Detailed or Myth? Allegory wizards can as a rule get rid of shields.

"Understand. This is what the school is built for with side with hits and two spells that remove all shields from enemies."

Detailed or Myth? Lydia Greyrose enjoys squally days.

"Professor Greyrose would want days weak spot, or at smallest with less, coil."

Detailed or Myth? Swordroll knows all of the secrets of the Pirouette.

"Since do you think? In all probability some important are best passed away a mystery..."

Credit for reading, and see you in the Spiral!