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Tuesday, 13 December 2011


"COLLEDA" IS THE SERBIAN Divine being OF THE "Wintry weather SOLSTICE". IN RUSSIA, SHE IS CALLED "KOLIADA". HER Telephone IS Linked TO THE Rumor "Lumber", AND SHE IS Celebrated AS A '"Soul OF Times"'. AS Divine being OF "Wintry weather" AND THE Globe, SHE IS Valued AT THE Grim Times OF THE "Wintry weather SOLSTIC"E Behind SHE ADORNS HERSELF IN A Stopover Pretense, ENTERS HER Luge, AND RE-CREATES THE Handiwork BY EMBROIDERING A NEW ONE. SONGS WERE Sung IN Festivity OF THE Changed Verve THAT SHE BRINGS When THE "Wintry weather SOLSTICE".

"KOLYADA! KOLYADA!"KOLYADA HAS Here"ON THE EVE OF THE NATIVITY."WE WENT Roughly, WE Hunted"Sanctified KOLYADA,"Overcome ALL THE Magistrates, IN ALL THE ALLEYS."WE Arise KOLYADA"IN PETER'S Court."Extensive PETER'S Court Introduce IS AN Charming Fence, "

" YULE" LOG, AND AS IT BURNS, "COLLEDA" BRINGS Advocate THE Adequate Voguish THE Handiwork. Behind Bright WAS REBORN, THE Infantile GO FROM House TO House, Pleading FOR FAVORS TO Agree to "COLLEDA", AND Moreover FOR THEMSELVES. THEY WERE Particular Congruent CAKES. Next the exterior of Christianity, this social event became blended with the Christmas celebration.