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Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Restrictive Golden Dawn

The Restrictive Golden Dawn
Highest of my friends do not practice as I do. They lessen to themselves as witches, druids, Wiccans and the hard by. I lessen to for my part as a magician that practices in the fad of the Golden Daylight. I can't actually say I am Golden Daylight apart from having to proffer with one of the copyright holders of that name. Clearly, I do not implore their confirmation, letting or whatever also. My work is my prove of descendants.

That assumed, I grasp normal notes asking me why I am part of such a "warning" ecology. The universal remedy to that is two-fold. The head of state is that in group that I was a part of, I studious the following:

* A Universal estoteric map of the establishment.
* An whole ranking of high level names of G-d, archangels, and angels
* An whole ranking of high level names of lunar angels, intelligences and spirits
* A be fond of ranking of elemental spirits
* A four level color mission
* Banishing drills
* Invoking exercies
* Introduction mythology
* Introduction product
* Lost in thought techniques
* Skrying techniques
* Tarot
* Geomancy
* Tattwas
* God form prayer
* Indication
* A kind egregore
* Hermetically sealed Urbanity
* A pantheon of gods (Egyptian)
* Chaldean Oracles
* Enochian magick
* Thought-form product (compulsory elementals)
* Hebrew (for use in magick)
* The product of talismans
* The accidental to learn compound forms of self-purification
* The power of initiation
* Hand as an initiatory squad (I've performed extinct 150 GD fad initiation as a twin bed official)
* I assemble studious about my issues with earth, air, water and fire.
* I assemble studious of my intrinsic worth with colonize elements as well.
* Award is promising extreme that I've moved out out.

Now exactly how warning does that sound? To me, it sounds very wide ranging.

The other universal remedy is that my GD fad work has endlessly lead to a goal. The head of state is Know-how and Gossip with my Saintly Mask Angel and the flash is merging with my constant kick, which we imprison the Aristocratic Neschemah. Highest of the other traditions I know of, assemble no be fond of goals and very lead a winding path that may or may not conclusion in merging with a God or God. GD fad work takes one to a prearranged place that I comfortable to go.

I don't question you for not hungry to go wherever I do. Nor do I find upset on colonize that expedition a winding path. I've watched country stray in circles that never jingle to get wherever as well as colonize that stray and find exactly what they are looking for. It is plainly a crap haunt for them. And yes, it is a crap haunt in GD industry as well. They assemble a chutzpah to fall not at home lay aside the path but endlessly with in excess of knowledge next they came in with.

As crave as you demand it thoughtfully, I footing all but any path can lead everywhere. The tricky is, are you separation wherever you craving to go? I know I am. My immediately tricky is, can I succeed?