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Monday, 29 September 2014

The Martyrs Maximus Dada And Quinctilian At Dorostolum

The Martyrs Maximus Dada And Quinctilian At Dorostolum


The Martyrs Maximus, Dada, and Quinctilian suffered under the ruler Diocletian (284-305), who issued a declare requiring every person to approach price tag to the pagan gods via the urban festivals, and to put Christians to death.

Tarquinius and Gabinius, the emperor's council in Dorostolum, ended a abundant mealtime, attended not merely by the populace of the township, but extremely people from the about villages.

In the past the revels, someone reported to the ruler that three brothers, Dada, Maximus and Quinctilian, did not comply with the assert declare and withdrew themselves popular the Ozovia forest. Throng were sent one time them, who without an answer the holy brothers at prayer and led them forth for trial.

The governors interrogated the brothers, who confessed themselves Christians. Tarquinius on hand to make St Maximus a pagan priest of Zeus, but the saint called Zeus a filthy adulterer and anew confessed the In shape God.

Tarquinius attempted to assignment with Sts Dada and Quinctilian. They hypothetical that their brother was well versed in the Holy Scripture and they would pursue him in everything. They threw the martyrs popular imprison, but they anxiety merely of the savior of their souls. At midnight formerly the saints were having forty winks, the devil appeared to them. In the past the martyrs woke, they beheld an angel who hypothetical, "Respect not, for God your suppose brings you to Himself. He is not far from you and mettle suffer you."

In the dawning, Tarquinius told the brothers that the gods had revealed their mettle to him in a dream: they were to be put to death if they did not approach price tag. The martyrs answered that the Noble had commanded them to be responsible for torments for His sake.

The tortures and interrogations continued for many days from dawning to dusk. From top to bottom, they sentenced the martyrs to death, led them out under keep to their forest and beheaded them with a sword.


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