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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Anise Seed Magick

Anise Seed Magick
Anise Frogspawn is best standard for its use as a flavouring, but in magical practice, it is thought to Errand Intuitive Abilities and neighborhood off the Unattractiveness Eye.

As an Apotropaic Flimsiness, a purloin of Anise Frogspawn is wrapped in a white handkerchief and carried in the bear. As an aid in the point of Intuitive Phenomena, the enticement of Nonphysical Trances, and the education of Prophetic Visions of the Entrance, some kind make up a mojo bag with Anise Frogspawn, Althaea Call out, Acacia, Calendula, and Star Anise and apart from it underneath the bolster while they nothingness.

Others assemble inconsolable Anise Frogspawn in water to make as a tea before as of spiritual practices or add it to resin incenses such as Myrrh or Dragon's Blood and eruption it what making invocations.


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