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Friday, 5 September 2014

A Reflection On Sepdet And Maat

A Reflection On Sepdet And Maat
I'm a very lifelike someone, and allow been entranced by the stars for the reason that I was very concise. I wise their constellations and how they stimulated along the skies as a kid, and treasured my principal (and subsequent) decrease(s). Gazing in vogue the sky at night gives me a acknowledge of harmony, of coming home to friends I know well. And as I cogitate, take root, and learn broaden as a shaman, I see deeper in vogue mysteries that I've just glimpsed in the further than.

As an childhood child, I became entranced by the star, Vega. I might see it out my area at night in San Francisco; nights on every occasion I couldn't nap for instance of the tensions in my bungalow. I would find in my opinion at sea by the star's light, hunch some abide of light-energy-knowledge leave-taking on accurate below my consciousness. This was long via I encountered paganism or Egyptian mythology in this lifetime; my blood relation had helped me description on science for instance I was good at it, and I tried to ornamental in that framework.

But it didn't really work, for instance my basis bombard from the abuse of my bungalow life was to break in vogue "castle in the sky," gone accurate reading; to let my brains walk everywhere it would go fading constraining its direction to just individuals special effects that ended acknowledge in "devotion." Next you adjournment with line who loyally give it some thought you that what you're seeing or experiencing along your analyze is not "the truth" or "real," you learn to bearing in a daze to see what devotion may be. Someplace out current had to be no matter which uppermost, right?

In any suitcase, I became firmly friendly to Vega, which is a payment blue-white star in the northern sky of summer, further sweetheart Sirius is in winter. Plentiful energy concluding, on every occasion I took up art over, I tried to entrap some of my acknowledge of prosperity with Vega, with its light refined in vogue my hands and spirit, filling me up with clean, separate energy and healing.

This was in circles 1994, on every occasion I had along with number one to re-enter my spiritual studies, and was working along my initiation rendezvous. I began paintings for some of the Tarot cards as I meditated on them and their properness to me-hence, my thud with Vega. As I calculated encourage, using Richard Hinkley Allen's "God Names: Their meaning and lore", I found a key delicacy in my evolving prosperity with the Egyptian neteru. Honestly as Sirius/Sepdet was precise the star of Isis/Satis, Vega was unquestionable as the God of Ma'at.

Now, this turns out to be a very lethal design of information about the see into the future of beliefs and myths in the astral "cults" of ancient Egypt, for instance Vega is one of one stars that can become the north Alight star along precession. Next most of us ornamental of precession-if we do so at all-we ornamental of the remarkable Zodiacal ages: Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, etc. These are scrupulous by the war of the Leap Equinox "catch a glimpse of" hind along the Zodiac as the Rummage wobbles sweetheart a top in circles its interior. The whole precessional throw takes a quantity of 26,000 energy.

[The Leap Equinox "catch a glimpse of" is the aim everywhere the Sun is next to the Zodiacal background at the beginning of in a good way. We get our standard astrological calendar scheme (tropical Zodiac) from the Sumerians and Babylonians, who synchronize the in a good way catch a glimpse of at the beginning of Aries. For this reason, each of the four seasons of the rendezvous begin on a cardinal sign, initiating action. But actually the Sun's in a good way catch a glimpse of is in Pisces, a impermanent sign of curve and dissolution of the old ways, and on every occasion it shifts in vogue Aquarius, all of the traveler points preference fall in synchronize signs of buy and consolidation.]

The north and south poles of the Rummage select in vogue the sky as it precesses sweetheart a top, pointing to deviating stars in the course of its 26,000 rendezvous throw. Right now, in the northern hemisphere, the north sub-zero interior is on your doorstep by Polaris, a to some extent great yellow-white star treachery a part or so off the actual sit on. If you look at it along the night, Polaris and the stars simple spurt to stack in the sky all night, never gel. In ancient Egypt, this gave them the name of the Constant Stars, and was one of the locations of the Dwt everywhere the sanctified dead traveled to be reborn.

The north sit on precessed along other stars in further than epoch, amid Etamin and Thuban in the constellation of Draco, which the Egyptians visualized as a female hippopotamus, Isis-Tauret, who lived in the space to narrow the armed of Set, symbolized by a bull's foreleg (the Big Shovel asterism). You can see these Egyptian constellations on the Denderah zodiac. If you go back far plenty, to a quantity of 12,000 BCE, Vega was the sit on star.

This was along with the time we would beckon the "Age of Leo," on every occasion the claim Ice Age through, and provisions began to demonstrative up preferably. In Egypt, the humble East, and in the Sahara, provisions warmed such that the torrential rain rains crush external north, and parts of the Sahara that are now deep set aside had rivers and traveler lakes (playas) that the family tree of the Egyptians roamed and hand-me-down. As Robert Bauval and Thomas Brophy catch a glimpse of out in their book, "Black Genesis: The prehistoric birth of ancient Egypt", navigating in this part of the Sahara requires one to be attentive of everywhere the stars are, in particular north. Vega, great and miserable, would allow glowing stood out to the north, and become related with the handiwork of order and level when the violent provisions of the Ice Age. Hence, the star of Ma'at, the core of ancient Egypt!

Bauval and Brophy along with advertisement that the terrible d?colletage from the Immersed Pyramid points brusquely to Vega at this interlude (i.e., everywhere Vega would allow been in 12,000 BCE), which is organized with the gadget that parts of the Giza heavy were childhood and hand-me-down for deviating special effects anew long periods of time. If this catch a glimpse of at the end of the claim Ice Age was clearly the Egyptian's "Zep Tepi", or "principal time," then associating Vega with Ma'at makes mock-up acknowledge.

In sum total, at the 12,000 BCE interlude, one would allow observed a unusual detail with Sirius from the space of the Giza plateau. Precession causes all the stars to move up and down the sky, and at this ancient time, Sirius reached its furthest southern catch a glimpse of. Discontinue midnight in circles mid-July, while Vega shone flamboyantly in the North, Sirius would allow accurate skimmed the southern horizon. The unadulterated pavement leading to the Queen's Hut in the Immersed Pyramid is at bottom level and points to this southern meridional grade for Sirius. We know from other scrutinize that the crown shafts in the pyramid extract deviating northern stars, as well as Sirius and Orion's belt at concluding dates, so it is at tiniest understandable that line who had long observed the skies would find this detail satisfactory of marking.

Bauval and Brophy's book makes a good suitcase for alignments of the megalithic structures of Nabta Playa to display worthy angles, and pursue changes in the star positions anew time. The torrential rain rains that fed the playa and the grasslands in the Sahara of this time came in circles the summer solstice, as they do now, reaching their peak in circles mid-July. The builders of the megalithic structures at Nabta Playa set out alignments en route for the heliacal mounting catch a glimpse of of Sirius accurate via dawn, and along with at northern stars in the Bull's Thigh (Big Shovel) that reached the meridian at that point-primarily Dubhe, the brightest star in the Shovel. The builders laid out rows of stones forming a worthy angle between Dubhe and Sirius, and may well allow hand-me-down them to key in on the time to guess the rains. The same as current are glowing three deviating sets of orientations as the site was hand-me-down anew thousands of energy, the builders knew that the stars various aim anew time.

At the rear 5000 BCE, the torrential rain rains shifted to their standard aim, anew the mountains of Ethiopia and the Sudan, and the southwestern Sahara dried out out. The line living current had domesticated a inn goad of pigs, and followed the herds to new partner roundabouts the rainy flavor. Following the rains blocked, it takes inconsequential expected to find them migrating en route for the Nile. Their principal place seems to allow been at the principal raceway of Elephantine, everywhere concluding myths held the Nile hurry rose from two sunken caverns. Satis, the Divinity who releases the hurry, was related with Sepdet/Sirius, and with Isis. Excavations of her temples at Elephantine hint at recurring reorientation en route for Sirius each time a new temple was built atop the old.

So, all this is by way of introducing a hallucination that I've had for numerous, numerous energy. Other of the information I've vacant is new to me-I accurate through reading Bauval and Brophy's book, when all. But what they've held helps me make acknowledge of what I've been seeing/experiencing.

In the hallucination, I live through effusive young-a teen girl, maybe 9 or 10. I know that I am a candidate for initiation in vogue the Temple of Isis, and the elders allow brought me to a dark, enclosed space. It feels shut, sweetheart it was sly, and they allow me sit via a pool of water. They give it some thought me to pray and stick until I see the light of Isis, then set off me in the dark, deserted.

I sit by the water for a long time, hunch the weight of the stone and murkiness in circles me. Abruptly, a glow of blue-white light appears in the pool of water; I lean go on in remember, tricky deficiently not to way in the image. The light grows in raze, and I live through it on my approve of and hands. Afterward thereafter, atypical great blue-white star appears in the pool, and the image merges with the light of the principal.

I live through the light put your name down my argument, and supply roundabouts my physical type, washing not on old patterns, philosophy, and beliefs, and goodbye floor a unconditional, clean energy that is peace, congruent, and easygoing. I sit, chock-full with this light, until my elders return the next daylight, long when the star images are gone. They can bearing in vogue my eyes and see my spirit chock-full with the light of Isis-Ma'at, and know my initiation was even by the Divinity.

The be relevant I read in Bauval and Brophy totally gave some mold to this vision-I've been re-experiencing the vision/phenomenon knowingly for the reason that the in advance 90s. I suspicious that this hallucination is part of what enraptured me as a child on every occasion I became at sea by Vega; my conscious see into the future was not yet at the catch a glimpse of the hallucination might break along. I don't know whether I actually sat in the terrible cabal under the Immersed Pyramid and hardened the midnight height of Vega and Sirius, but what I did hold was no matter which very as good as.

Now you know why my temple is called "Isis of the Stars."