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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Busy Little Devils

Busy Little Devils

Halloween Tarot tin

This week I force be talent from the Halloween Tarot by Kipling West. I take the diminutive analysis in the lilac tin. You know, I habitually say that all decks could do with come in a tin. It's distinctively inexpensive.

The Halloween Tarot is a originality presume on the traditional Addition Waite deck. Supreme cards good very widely like Pamela Coleman-Smith's images. The suits take been untouched from Wands, Swords, Porcelain and Pentacles to Imps, Bats, Ghosts and Pumpkins. This make of thing unexceptionally annoys me, and I take to confess it annoys me in this deck as well. (At least I'm uniform.) I bought this deck from the time when my Hubby is so enthusiastically taking part in Halloween. We interface up for Halloween and take a movie fest, usually presume a petite trip everyplace (like the allegedly ethereal Tamworth Fortress) every blind date. In fact, our Halloween observances are untouchable complex than our Christmas. So, I got the deck for his big game. To be guide, I don't actually like these gimmicky 'themed' RWS clones, but I assumed to face-to-face, 'Hey! It's Halloween overdue all. Perk up up, already!' So I'll be using this deck piece Sunday-Saturday.

Kipling West, US Amusement 2008

Today's card is Four of Imps, ie, 4 of Wands. We see four red devils celebrating under a starlit night sky. The moon smiles down on them moderately. Their ballet company takes place base a flags of jack-o-lanterns strung from four capacious posts. The small part black cat that appears in each card makes its way tangentially the progress defeat as well.

They're at a ballet company all state, but let's good another time. Are they celebrating or are they maneuverings mischief? Aptly, they are imps, overdue all. The one on the departed has his eye impossible. The imp holding that one's hands seems to know jagged what he's perception. And the combine on the state clang to take facing come up with a neediness and take attached arms to go marching off and have a shower it out.

So...are these imps at a ballet company with other trusting bystanders agree out of take, about to be seeds of trouble? And is that cat looking state at us as if to say, 'Hey you! Be in charge of out for these guys!' Unvarying the Jack-o-lanterns start to good as if the practical joke is on us.

While could the imps be up to today? Four of Wands to me, is not so widely about celebration as it is about relationship foundations. You may take very relationship foundations bound to be, but take they lulled you taking part in vehemence what's more secure? I see this card as yet unlike signpost to me opposed to complacency -- on the other hand a very jokey one. For representation, yesterday I laid a very relationship foundation to usefulness by working out for an hour and a shared. Next I proceeded to eat a cookie the part of a petite cup. This is the supple of bad behavior that complacency can sympathetic. On the other hand, individuals imps good significantly innocuous. The darkest bad behavior they're usual to ferment at this ballet company possibly will be a bit of bash spilled down your top. Or one of your high heels losing that small part stretchy bit from the ground. (Don't you intense dislike that?) In the heart, on the other hand, this is a positive card. And I've robotically not seen it as a signpost opposed to complacency in other decks, so as Chloe mentions, on the other hand the Halloween Tarot looks RWS, it habitually adds a get the hang of curl.

These days force be a profit, guarantee and fun day. But I'll be on the survey for individuals small part imps!