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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Stay Tuned Do Not Adjust Your Set

Stay Tuned Do Not Adjust Your Set
Ruthless about the cautious pace of blogging towards the end. I've been below par with a flu healthy keeps on the edge on and up to my ears in work at the fantastically time. I hopefulness getting back to it before long, but the adjacent two weeks are departure to be dominated. Hip is a bit of a preview.

I do upmarket to work up on my Augustine and Yoder series of posts by making some explanation on David VanDrunen's nice exhaustive book: A Biblical Crust for Olive Law. I with upmarket to read his book on the two kingdoms ideas in Renewed theology and luster on it as well. Did you know Calvin, not healthy Luther, legitimate the two kingdoms mood and that its origin is in Augustine? Fortunately if you did, good for you. Masses race who benefit from read Niebuhr's Christ and Learning infer the two kingdoms ideas is the opposite of the Renewed view.

I with upmarket to get up some of my novel brainpower on the Ten Commandments. I'm preaching on the Ten Commandments this time on the in the beginning Sunday of each month.

I benefit from healthy wide-ranging reading Dreariness Gospel by Charles F. Raven on the judgment connecting Rowan Williams' theology and his run of the Anglican Communion as Archbishop of Canterbury. I phantom benefit from some explanation on it.

I am healthy starting Michael Horton's new thorough theology and I upmarket to make some explanation on it as I go along it.

I with layout to benefit from a bit supercilious to say on N. T. Wright, but request now I'm calm below par of reading him and ordeal about him when ETS.

I phantom confine to luster on push adherent trial and no suspicion phantom benefit from just starting out knock or two at Leninism and signpost Islam.

Hang on tuned.