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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Who Was Enoch The Man Who Never Died

Who Was Enoch The Man Who Never Died
In the slight, I store mentioned a man named Enoch. Enoch was one of the only two folks, other than Elijah, who had been subject to paradise in a chariot of fire, who has not died. In the same way as do we know about this man? Why did God bring him? (Make certain story to: KKBoss.)

Let's bring a affection at the few epoch he is mentioned in scripture, and maybe we can understand a whereas mega about this outcast man, Enoch. (See Entries: Curiosities in the Bible, Aptitude Two, Aptitude Three)

We are before time told about Enoch in Origin "5:18-20", which says, "At the same time as Jared had lived 162 get-up-and-go, he became the lead of Enoch. In arrears he became the lead of Enoch, Jared lived 800 get-up-and-go and had other sons and daughters. Altogether, Jared lived a mark of 962 get-up-and-go, and then he died."

"Origin 5:21-24" continues, "At the same time as Enoch had lived 65 get-up-and-go, he became the lead of Methuselah. In arrears he became the lead of Methuselah, Enoch walked closely with God 300 get-up-and-go and had other sons and daughters. Altogether, Enoch lives a mark of 365 get-up-and-go. Enoch walked closely with God, then he was no mega, what God took him comatose."

Now, you may say that "he was no mega, what God took him comatose" refers to death, that the verse in inkling is a bit unclear. Not so. We impulsion bring a affection at what we are told about him in Hebrews. Everything to letter, Enoch was the "seventh from Adam," ("Jude 1:14") and was the Raise, Raise, Raise, Raise Grandson of Adam and Eve.

Enoch's fill with line is to boot obscure in Luke, Chapter 3. "Luke 3:37" says, "the son of Methuselah, the son of Enoch..." Enoch, the seventh from Adam, who, at the age of 365, was translated, and went with God. By the time of his distraction, only Adam had died, for the lifespan of 1,000 was until now in effect. Noah had not yet been inherent.

The Disc of Hebrews to boot league about Enoch. This is everywhere we find base that he did not die, but was subject by God. "Hebrews 11:5 "says, "By expectation Enoch was subject from this life, so that he did not ambiance death: 'He can not be found, what God had subject him comatose.' ["Origin 5:24"] For beforehand he was subject, he was celebrated as one who happy God."

From this we can lay up that Enoch, son of Jared, greatly was subject to paradise, purely as Elijah was.

In the same way as store we scholarly about Enoch? Enoch was a realistic man, lived 365 get-up-and-go, his son, Methuselah, was the oldest man to ever alive, age 969, and like Enoch was 365, he was subject to be with God.

Now, onto the Disc of Enoch. "Jude 1:14-15" tells us, "Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about them: go out with, the Lady is coming with thousands upon thousands of his holy ones to command everyone, and to lay the blame on the mocking of all the mocking acts they store done in an mocking way, and of all the fractious words mocking sinners store informal neighboring him.'"

Of letter, Enoch says the word "mocking" four epoch. Now, the inkling is, if Enoch was a prophet, everywhere did Jude find the words of Enoch? Expound is a "Disc of Enoch". It is part of the APOCRYPHA, and premeditated non-cannon. However, this meticulous verse was a potential to Enoch from God.

The prophecy was subject from "1st Enoch 1:9". The before time book of Enoch is referred to as the "Disc of the Watchers." It tells us about names and functions of the "seven archangels," the definite place of apology for fallen angels, Sheol, the Tree of Nature, how the fallen angel "Semj^az^a" told the fallen to buddy with women, the happen as expected of Nephilim, tells of the conduct - Azazel, tells of the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael's convene. (See entry: Which Angels are Mentioned in the Bible?)

It to boot tells us Raphael's imprisonment of the fallen Azazel, and the binding of the fallen angels by Michael. Near I go any utility, allow me to elucidate that a lot of what is talked about in the Disc of Enoch is non-cannon, and correspondingly cannot be regarded as truth. "1st Enoch 1:9" can be regarded as the truth, but the rest of the book, nonetheless, condition be subject with a bit of salt if you decide to read it.

For archetype, The Disc of Enoch says that a fallen angel named Gadrel tempted Eve in the Precincts of Eden. Point in time, yes, dowry may be an angel named Gadrel, and it may be a fallen angel, "Visualization 20:2" is clear like it clarifies Lucifer as the "ancient serpent." Lucifer tempted Eve, not Gadrel.

Expound are manifold other Books of Enoch, though not all were in print by Enoch: "2nd Enoch" and "3rd Enoch". Another time, dowry are lots inconsistencies with the Divan of God, and requirement not be subject as truth. However, it is a full of news read. 3rd Enoch, for archetype, tells of how Enoch was subject up to Illusion in a chariot of fire ("3rd Enoch 6:1;7:1").

"3rd Enoch 9:1-5; 15:1-2" league about how Enoch is transformed featuring in an angel. This alone contradicts the Bible. At the same time as you die, if you are saved, you do NOT become an angel, as tradition holds. This ideology was crafted, and is not found in the Divan of God.

You store a puffed up article, yes. You are unquestionable a white robe, as promised by Jesus. But you do not become and angel. For mega on the Apocrypha and why it is not found in the Bible, see entry: How Do We Discriminate the 66 Books in the Bible are the Vertical Books?)

In the same way as we can lay up from all of this is, Enoch was a man of expectation. Enoch, when Elijah, was subject up to Illusion in some cut - whether it was by a "meander chariot" ("3rd Enoch 6:1; 7:1"), a chariot of fire when Elijah, ("2nd Kings 2:11-12") or was whisked comatose by some other the supernatural set-up, we do not know.

In the same way as we do know is, our expectation requirement to boot be when Enoch's. We requirement perjure yourself realistic to the Lady. Detect this: the prophecy of "1st Enoch 1:9" is tongue about the Spark Hope of Christ. If Jesus were not the Messiah, Enoch would not store seen a potential of the Messiah, Jesus, repeated with thousands upon thousands of puffed up saints.

Enoch was subject by God about "3017 BC", and if he greatly wrote a book of prophecy, it condition store been in print one day in the 365 get-up-and-go beforehand, so one day between" 3,382-3017 BC". Point in time we cannot know for habitual, that is the tally based on what we are unquestionable from the Bible.

I fantasy this entrance has been meditative and clever, and that this encouragingly cleared up clear matter about Enoch that store been hovering set for a era. If you store never heard or read about Enoch, now you can say that you store. View Tidbit, and God Make sacred. "Troy Hillman" (, facebook)