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Thursday, 8 September 2011

God Judges No One Karmic Law Is An Illusion The Only Judgment Is That Only Unconditional Love Is Real Divine

As channeled by Simon NightStarr

Dear humanity, God does not "judge" you. Your judicial systems, your religious and sectarian "laws," your rules, your morals, your ethics, are all non-existent in Divine Reality. God has no room for nonsense. Humanity does, however. The human experiment was set up this way, to explore that which does not make sense to God the Absolute. God can only "know" separation through dreaming Itself to be separate. That is how this message was made possible. The concept of someone channeling "Divine Self" is equally illusory to God. Now, please understand what was just said. God doesn't know separation. How could It? God is the Infinite Reality. There are no real divisions whatsoever in Divine Reality. Therefore, God cannot judge, because obviously judgment requires that there be a perception of separation. There would have to be subject and object; a perceiver who subjectively judges and an object to be judged. This, dear humanity, is the illusion of linear time in the game of duality. Yet God doesn't know duality, nor time! You do. That is, you THINK that you do. (You see, thinking is not KNOWING. All of creation was THOUGHT into "existence," yet God KNOWS that the only existence is Itself, Changeless, Absolute Love.) It is from your human perception that "nonsense" is possible. Here, I am defining nonsense as that which denies True Sense, Divine Sense, God-Sense, which is also known as "Supersense," and this Sense (which is the only true "common sense") is essentially the Awareness of God's Oneness.

God judges no one! "Karmic law" is an illusion. The only "judgment" is that ONLY UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IS REAL. Humanity, you believe so strongly in your own laws that you have made, but not one of these laws was sanctioned by God. God, being Unconditional Love, can only "sanction" Itself as being Unconditional Love. This is the only so-called judgment that God can give: You are loved unconditionally simply because YOU ARE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! This is the ultimate declaration of Truth. Not the words that I channel through this human, but the Supersense beyond the veil of words. As representative of God, you may call Me the Voice for God, and My Justice is not blinded by ideas of right and wrong. I do not attempt to force anyone to join My "jury" (for I have no need of a jury). Your only "duty" is simply to choose your actions. That is your duty, and all of you are performing this job in perfect accordance to the Will of God, ultimately, because all of your choices will ultimately lead you to choose the peace of God and nothing else.

I AM setting the record straight in this message that Unconditional Love is really the only Reality that exists! Reality is Whole, therefore how could you perceive a "fraction" of Reality, being that Oneness cannot actually be divided? Understand the simple Spiritual Logic, the Supersense, of this. Millions of spiritual seekers speak of Oneness while holding onto many egoic concepts of "right" and "wrong," morality, politics, etc., all of which really have NOTHING to do with Divine Law, the Law of One, the Law of Love, which simply states that Oneness, Unconditional Love, is the only True Reality. Dear humanity, be willing to set aside your own judgments that you may clearly perceive that God does not judge you! Jehovah has left the building. Now it is time that many of you will have a HUGE "aha moment," followed by another and yet another, for the "reset button" has been hit and 2013 represents the dawn of a new era of spiritual responsibility for your species.

Karma is not True Judgment in the spiritual sense, if you would perceive the Law of One as the only real "law." Karmic law depends upon a mind that perceives separation from God, that perceives linear time, yet the Law of One, the Law of Love, depends upon no mind but the Mind of God. Nothing is actually "linear" nor "multidimensional" in the Eternal Now. Duality and multiplicity are illusions, dear humanity, illusions that you are required to awaken from, and for this illusion of "waking up from illusion" to occur you are given the illusions of "reincarnation" and Self-realization, enlightenment. Is not this entire game a cosmic joke?! In a sense, yes, yet again, God only knows that you are Unconditional Love, even while the game of creation appears to be so "real" to its players. Many of you have yet to discover what real meditation is about; it is about having the willingness to give up your childhood toys and games in exchange for the peace of God, and this entails courageously facing your "inner demons" with deep compassion. No one is left behind! There is no competition to reach an "enlightenment finish line." You are all enlightened masters already, but most of you are simply not aware of this fact.

Transcend your ideas of darkness, evil, wrongness as well as your concepts of "light," goodness and righteousness. Find God's Divine Neutrality within the seed of each moment, at the core of each choice, action, circumstance and event, and you shall find the True Light that knows no darkness.

I AM Divine Self, the Voice for God. You are loved unconditionally because you are Unconditional Love. Namaste.