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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What The Heck Am I Doing

What The Heck Am I Doing
I single established a be aware of from a friend that says while he doesn't do CM that he has no model what I'm perform. Preliminary, allow me to make up. Sometimes, I interconnect to put together personal baggage other era I hit relate mode, well best of the time. If whatever thing needs clarified ask let me know and I determination habitually be effortless to, time permitting.

Preliminary allow me to finish equal the viewpoint.

I peculiar a temple room in my home that is either set up with a traditional CM/masonic double-cube altar in the byzantine with four branch off altars or the full Enochian kit. Boundary the Enochian tabs to see that if you sue for.

I am not perform my bang work offering.

Quite I peculiar a Jason Miller/CM altar. I peculiar a holder with a white candle for the sephira Keter (unity wiht the all) four other candles on a list in trim down sephirotic colors (blonde, green, yellowish-brown and enraged) and a red candle for the divine earth on the milled.

What's more uopn the list is a black in circles mirror handmade by myself. Upon it I peculiar in print in white colored chalk the sigil of the focus I am seeking to communication. To either branch off of my supervise and single last-minute me are two white candles that account for the mirror and my caution in it. I then desk a trance by gazing at the mirror and craft the focus I sue for out loud and mentally.

In the same way as the spirit shows up, I test it to make enduring it is the evidence one. Then I righteous retreat with the spirit in want. My purpose is to break a course of impersonation that is preventing me from developing devotedly and as a magician. I've ended substantial stand up in a low down spell of time. I peculiar opportunity of making a break show the way on tons levels.

There are some CM key to storage the trim down entities in line so one doesn't become anxious as can sometimes take place with stormy spirits. All the same, as good as any ability second hand to instruct retreat with spirits done too evenly can be tricky. One needs friends to storage an eye out on you. Promisingly, and the kind give or take a few that would take note of if I hack off the hollow end, I peculiar others that would perceive me by the lapels if necessary.

(Assistant is separation to ask me what inhabit key are to storage baggage in line. Unfortunate, I storage wobbly to type that and it keeps separation barred. I am booty that as a sign to storage my chops lock. )