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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cringe Making Smiley Cheesy Folk Groups Fill The Churches

Cringe Making Smiley Cheesy Folk Groups Fill The Churches
Afterward found at Laudator Temporis Acti. My relations is humorlessly in agreement; my kids place away from home from Jewish services whenever guitars get hauled out.

Extracts from


By Eddie Barnes for Scotland on Sunday

Hip guitar-strumming folk groups are ruination church services by playing "pathetic, emotional and malleable dirges", Scotland's leading sort artiste has stated.

James MacMillan... has described modern hymns as "excrescences" and called for a return to traditional chants and part music. [and] confesses his depression of the "piercing microphones" and "inefficiently strummed guitars and toe-curling, smiley, tasteless folk groups" which stock up churches every Sunday.

The effect of this on liturgy has been a take-over of bad cultivation and certainty and an patent vacating of the sacred sitting room of any obvious inkling of the spirit of God."

He declared: "The Pope is to be had as a stern-faced, party pooping stickler, stamping out stimulating guitars, pop-crooning and the malleable bubble-gum 'folk' recycled in many of today's Catholic churches. The the public insulting him are the very ones who were sensible for the pedestrian excrescences compulsory on us in the name of 'democratisation of the liturgy' and blooming input quiet the sequence few decades."

Robertson highlighted one lament for punctilious expansion. "The clink is 'Jesus is acute isn't he, isn't he? Jesus is acute isn't he, isn't he?'"

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