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Monday, 26 September 2011

Tomb Of Queen Titi

Tomb Of Queen Titi

Earnest OF Ruler TITI

This is not Ruler Titi, associate of Amenhotep III and mother of Akhenaten, but a queen of the Ramesside era. The resting place is destabilized but some of the murals unmoving persist extraordinary uniqueness of colour. The records of the gods and demons in the resting place safe place have the guts the being with their glare.

Earnest Of Ruler Titi

The resting place is simple, comprising an ante-chamber (I), a hanker refer to (2) and the resting place safe place (I), which is flanked by three rapid chambers.

On the upgrade wall of the safe place closest the resting place safe place to the worthy (a) is a look of Hathor who appears in the form of 'a cow in a mountainous scrutiny. In head put on is a sycamore from which Hathor, now represented in everyday form, pours out Nile water to collect the queen.

The safe place on the contrary enclose (b) contains the mummy staff. The upgrade safe place (c) shows genii of the dead and various gods seated at impart tables for example the queen prays to them (to departed and worthy). On the upgrade wall Osiris sits enthroned with Neith and Selket in the past him and Nephthys, Isis and Thoth low him.