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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Arulmigu Maha Sapthakannika Devi Kovil Seremban Negeri Sembilan

Arulmigu Maha Sapthakannika Devi Kovil Seremban Negeri Sembilan
This temple is situated on Victoria Ascent in Seremban, built better 100 time ago and is one of the few Kaniamman temple in Malaysia. The picturesque view of this temple is lifting, which is surrounded by undergrowth and fauna. Whilst the temple does not continue an easy admission cage, it is unmistakably estimate the bound. The seven kanni devi's are Biramme, Mageswary, Gaumaree, Varaagi, Vyshnavi, Magenthari and Chamundee. In the past the temple was built, Victoria bias was a underlying organization of silica stones, and was mined by a Chinese contractor. The contractor generally hand-me-down explosives to trace Victoria bias. On one outcome, he unthinkingly tried to charge explosives but it one-time. Suddenly he saw a string slithering earlier him. The startled contractor took a gun and shot the string. At once at the back, the contractor and his staff cleave ill. As consulting a spiritual medium, the contractor was sentient that he had done wide of the mark by mining on the bias. The sacred bias was the board of Nagamma, who frequented the bias in the form of immature snakes and maiden ladies. To repent this wide of the mark, the contractor was instructed by the medium to sell out prayers for Nagamma at Victoria bias. Happening the prayer, a man got here a happiness and started moving conjure a string. He slithered across the territory to a individual location. He hence advised the contractor to build a temple for Nagamma at that location. Less that mystical clich, the Nagamma temple was built.

Best quality the time, numerous devotees of this temple continue witnessed the amazing sakthi of Nagamma. Later than, an ice-cream dealer was wholesale popsicles at the guess of the temple. Later than he was done, he returned home fading praying at the temple. On his was down from the bias, he came across two lovely ladies clad in a sari. The ladies halted the ice-cream dealer and asked for popsicles. As spoon them, the ice-cream dealer happening home. Upon his enthrall, he became ill. His inherited took him to a bomoh. As guaranteed s'eances, the bomoh told him to pray at the Nagamma temple, and he would be cured. The ice-cream dealer went to the temple and prayed for his new beginning. As he finished his prayers, he was startled to see his lovely peer of the realm customers in the form of a statue. The mystical customers who appeared past him were goddess Chamundee and Magenthari.

The most considerable establish in this temple is May 1st, whereby a special pooja is conducted annually. Devotees of Nagamma, fast for three days and sell pots occupied with milk from the foothill to the bias top. When the devotees terrestrial at the temple, the milk is poured onto the seven Kanni Devi's. Nagamma gives her blessing dressed in this cheerful outcome, and this has been witnessed by guaranteed devotees. Later than dressed in this annual flea market, the priest of this temple witnessed a lovely cobra sleeping underneath a tree similar the temple. Fabulously, the cobra was in seven unique colours. As he was startled by this astonishing condemn, the priest called other devotees to testimony this mystical event. As receiving the blessings of Nagamma, the priest returned to the temple. He was incredulous to see that the seven shades of the cobra was the exact colour of each sari on the seven Kanni Devi's.

Directions: Arrange Seremban depart. Arrange flyover to Pusat Kualiti Alam untill warren. As warren, uturn. Arrange depart to seremban 2, and depressed emergency supply to one side, turn finished here mud method. Tel: 0196209259