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Thursday, 6 November 2008

European Witchcraft

European Witchcraft Cover

Book: European Witchcraft by Anonymous

European Witchcraft is witchcraft and magic that is practised primarily in the locality of Europe. The old liberal view of European Witchcraft holds that witchcraft never existed at all, but was invented by the Catholic Church and other authorities to gain power and prestige.

Margaret Murray claimed that witchcraft was a holdover of a worldwide ancient fertility cult; however, modern scholars have rejected this as unfounded and due to a deliberate misinterpretation of the evidence. For more information, see her article. Another school[who?], currently the most influential[citation needed], emphasizes the social history and social patterns of witchcraft accusations. This assumes that witchcraft never existed, but blames widespread superstition rather than the Church for the craze.

Yet another school of thought emphasizes the history of ideas and argues that witchcraft is a composite of Superstitions collected across the centuries; of these, the most influential are Christian heresy and theology rather than actual Pagan Practices.Rossell Hope Robbins, among others, contends that the chief motive behind the prosecutions was the desire for the property of the condemned; however, the number of confiscations overall was relatively small, and a disproportionately great number of people convicted were of small means.

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