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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Accidental Death In Ritual

Accidental Death In Ritual
So Houngan Hector has been cleared of rude rudeness and Lucie's death ruled accidental.

But the causes of death were acknowledged as "the combination effects of touchy-feely indolence, ambient room temperature and an oxygen-depleted feelings". So that's a fall down of ritual health and wellbeing, no less antisocial than the behaviour of James Arthur Ray which caused the deaths of three plug away conceal participants.

I presume what happened to Lucie may possibly restrict happened to anyone who uses a lot of incense and does rituals in a bright room with tons of dancing - but anybody requirements to make certain that the members of their group do not stop from any therapeutic stick out which may possibly be exacerbated by these geographical stick out. Dispel better, don't set up your ritual space so that it causes oxygen poverty. Objective use joss-sticks fairly than pan incense, for one thing. And quit the entrance wide open, and make certain that anyone who has asthma knows someplace their inhaler is, and that other contest likewise know someplace it is. And replace with dancing with other greater than relaxing behavior assume meditation.

High-class wellbeing caution (essential reading for all ritualists):NB none of the articles beneath were in rejoin to the Houngan Hector enhancement

* take offense from a doorway >> The part of safety: step arrangement and trustworthy an obsession

Repeat wellbeing from the specify of view of the organiser.
* take offense from a doorway >> The part of wellbeing

Repeat wellbeing from the participant's specify of view. * Guttershaman - The Real Shaman - Form and Verve, Workforce and Perfunctory