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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Fairy Dust Bottles

Fairy Dust Bottles
**fairy scour tin add-on is from Zellies Fragrance on Etsy**

Gremlin Scour BOTTLES

Unthinking Form :))) How heaps of you keep tiny ones? :)))) How heaps of you love the fae? One craft that my adolescent loves is the fairy scour bottles. Hem in you ever seen them? Around hip they are wearing at the fairs and craft shows voguish the summer. They are actually extra-large easy to make and would be a really fun hang over for the wee witches, or even equitable for you to make. :))) I love making crafts. :)))

The early thing we shortage is the tiny bottles. I found the subsequent set on Amazon:

I love that the set has a document of bottles. This set is expand if you are bargain to use your fairy scour as a want item. If you're bright in grabbing it you can find it here: Advantus Corked Vials. They actually keep copiousness of innovative varieties on amazon. I searched "petite corked bottles."

If you are flawed to make ones that you can use for necklaces, I found this compress on amazon by questioning "petite bottles for necklaces": Not very pane bottles with stoppers and loops

Close we shortage to guts the materials for the fairy scour. You aim to find show mercy to fine, shining flash. You can elect to choose what colors you wish. :))) You may aim to elect to choose equitable one color or elect to choose about. This is a 12 compress that I found on Amazon as well: Glittering Sparkle 12-pack.

You can get creative with this and add other things as well if you wish. You may wish to use dehydrated plant life make equal violets, roses or pansies. You can confound them up inwards a fine mix and add them to the flash. You can equally use the petite beads, stones or grenades. I know voguish the summer we find some really miserable seashells at the water's edge that would be expand. As always get creative! :))) You may equally aim to add a drop of essential oil to the top of the mix, some excessive ideas are a lilac essential oil, or vanilla essential oil.

Add the plug to the tin. At this special you can add a put on video to the tin if you aim or a tiny silver charm. For frequent of you that are making it inwards necklaces regard stringing it with a put on video. You may equally aim to screw the top to the tin.

I potential you enjoy!

A long way Liking and Multiple Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Roughly are some other attractive ones I found for objective :))) (if you click on the picture it strength of mind appropriate you to where I found it.)