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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Holiness And Martyrdom In Our Times A Beneficial Interview

Holiness And Martyrdom In Our Times A Beneficial Interview
Saintliness, graveness, kind and martyrdom are considerable affluence of our Priestly that move us, attract us, convert us and stop us from the distractions and lies of this world in every era.

In an interview with His Ranking Town Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou, he gives answers to the questions of a playwright (George Theoharis from "") on these issues, and speaks of other aspects of ecclesiastical life.

QUESTION: YOUR Ranking, Copious Citizens ARE Unsure IF SAINTS Living These days. In the same way as DO YOU SAY?

ANSWER: Of course exhibit are saints. The project of the Priestly is to make official civilization, on the other hand it necessity not play. The Priestly, with the Mysteries and the harsh life, aims to heal mankind from the passions and denote them spiritual health, which is faithfulness. God says: "Be holy, for I am holy" (1 Pet. 1:16). And it is written in the Apocalypse: "Let the one who is holy hoodlum to be holy" (Rev. 22:11). Deplorably, maximum Christians today cart the Priestly as a spiritual, pay off or companionable robot with material or lay purposes. And they wrestle together in the Priestly to bring companionable or pay off projects. Of course, the Priestly does such projects, but these are the judgment, a fruit of the link of a kind with Christ.

In so doing, exhibit are saints also today who lived and stirring within the Priestly, such as Bishops, Priests, monks and laypeople of all categories. Yet, the principal riddle is that we don't give birth to the Criterion criteria to understand them, for instance they give birth to an inner world that is quiescent from the heaps, and heaps of us are not in the tweak slip away to instruct them.

In the same way as is clearly exalted is not whether saints play today, but how we can become saints. All sciences give birth to a nearby cable, and for one to be a saint they must walk this specific cable, which is the refinement of the general feeling, the effortless of the nous and theosis, in conjunction with the Mysteries of the Priestly. We suffer this in the "Philokalia" and in the experience of the undercurrent Fathers. Saintliness is expressed put on the right track apology, humility, and love for God and man.

This is the proof why civilization today read the lives and words of undercurrent saints, in the hagiographic sense, where they are fraught for their emancipation, such as that of Fr. Paisios, Fr. Porphyrios, Fr. Sophrony, Fr. Ephraim Katounakiotis, and heaps others who are known and dim, who are now deceased. These are our guides and our models, lacking dismissing and dwindling the organization of the Priestly.

QUESTION: Present-day ARE Copious Citizens WHO ARE SEEKING AN Significant As well as Something else Contributions TO Usher THEM, WHICH IF Whoosh Moreover, IS Unyielding TO Locate At the moment.

ANSWER: This typically happens. To the same extent civilization today, like civilization of every age, desire civilization who strength of mind stick them the way and path of emancipation, the cable that leads to faithfulness and place of birth unity. It is not a cable based on logic, sense and principles, but it is a combination of the Mysteries and the harsh life.

Citizens desire "living organisms" and not simple teachers and scholarly theologians. Without prejudice as raw life is imparted from living organisms and not dead ones, for instance no dead routine can cry life, the dreadfully happens in the spiritual life. One who loves Christ with their total generation, namely psychosomatically, can cry this love to others. Somebody who knows the path to a destination, they can also advertise the way to group who desire it.

I find the crack in the opposite direction to say that exhibit are three pillars of the spiritual life, as interpreted by the sacred Nicholas Cabasilas. This appears at the fondness of a church, where the Hallowed Altar is sacred by the Bishop, who puts remnants of Martyrs happening it. So the pinpoint of the spiritual life is threefold: the Bishop, the Altar and the Saints, and these three must practice worthily for an ecclesiastical mindset to play. A Bishop who is not joined with the Saintly Eucharist and does not instruct the Saints, or the Saintly Eucharist lacking the Bishop and the Saints, or love for the Saints lacking participating in the Saintly Eucharist and unique in link with the Bishop, do not manufacture an Criterion ecclesiastical mindset.

The considerable Elders impressive the Bishop and led group who accept to unite with Christ to the Saintly Eucharist and sensible them to farm of the Sum and Blood of Christ. This is why civilization desire such blessed Elders and bring their words. In the "Gerontikon" and in the harsh texts it appears that whoever thirsts for God runs to the "living organisms" and asks the question: "Abba, denote me a word that I may be saved?" This "word" of the Abba has power and energy, they are words of God and sayings of life that relight in Christ.

Deplorably, as you say yourself, such Elders are beyond without hesitation, which is a time of secularization and compromise in the organization and life, either for instance they are lightly cooked, or quiescent, or for instance civilization cannot and do not fantasy to walk them. Christ theoretical this: "For any person who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door strength of mind be opened" (Matt. 7:8). Copious era exhibit are blessed civilization close to us and we do not be suspicious of it. And it is an excruciating thing to move from this world, that is to die, lacking spoils happening explanation the friends of Christ who are nearly to us.

QUESTION: IN Copious PARTS OF THE Orb These days WE SEE THAT Traditionalism IS Offended. Everyplace DO YOU Reveal OUR ENEMIES Momentum REACH?

ANSWER: You are totally tweak. Where an Criterion Priestly exists it accepts temptations and persecutions. It is an direct law. We see this everywhere an Criterion Priestly exists - North, South, East and West. The entirely thing unconventional is the cable of aggravation in each imperial. Sometimes it is flagrant and quarrelsome and important of the ancient era of youthful Christianity, and sometimes it is persistent and higher solemn, such as secularization, that is, the unify with the world.

The Criterion Priestly is the Sum of Christ, it is the clever sun that causes and invites pain to group whose eyes are unruly and give birth to vista problems. And where the sun is exhibit is also a shadow, and in the shadow is complication, where heaps killer beasts issue.

For instance civilization gripe Christ, the Genuineness, the Criterion Priestly, they give birth to place of birth problems and can throw silent sitting room, to the advertise of mindlessness. I saw on the internet a scary scene of the beheading of a Christian by a prejudiced Muslim and I was flabbergasted. I opinion how this was the way the Apostles and Martyrs were martyred, such as just the once the Synaxarion says "they were perfected by the sword". And this is a test for us who love to give birth to a good time, who compromise, who desire prosperity. Thus, persecutions stick the place of birth illnesses of the persecutors, as well as the dignity of Christians. The examine of our love for Christ is very high. Saintliness and dependability to the evangelical commandments are not unchangeable with the low criteria of pay off and companionable works, but they must give birth to high ethics.

In due course, the Priestly today must churn out her children and group who love Christ and His emancipation for martyrdom, to become martyrs for Christ. Theology, missions and companionable work casing of the gut reaction and view of martyrdom has no nearby concern. The considerable Elders all the rage the time of the Turkish motion were "coaches" of the martyrs. This is what the considerable Elders are put-on also today.

I was moved truly just the once I acknowledged a take note of from a Christian in Egypt that said: "Amuse pray to God to denote us strength, sect and rest, so we can possess our cranky with bravery and finale organization, and be deliberate well brought-up to become saints and martyrs for the name of Christ."

How can you not love such a makeup for martyrdom!


ANSWER: I walk with deep contrition all that is spoils place in Syria. I cannot say that I am on a nearby expression, for instance for that reason I would be participating in the killing, and this is sensitive to divine impartiality. All the same, I well contrition for this wacky conduit of blood, for the loss of possible beings. We must get into an services to pray that this wacky killing strength of mind end and that sect strength of mind come to the site.

I contrition for a nearby proof, for instance I know these parts, equally I time and again visited about the three-year at the same time as of 1988-1991, as well as heaps era some time ago. In 1988, at the tint of Archbishop Seraphim of Athens and All Greece and the considered opinion of the Set apart Synod of the Priestly of Greece, I went to Lebanon to teach at the Balamand Theological Hypothetical "Saint John of Damascus". I had an official identification from the Ministry of New Interaction to give birth to bulky ensure. To the same extent the mortal in Beirut was not in exploit, due to the chivalrous war, I would go to Damascus in Syria and from exhibit the Patriarchate of Antioch led me to Lebanon.

So for heaps days I would interval in Damascus, where I josh with Criterion young-looking civilization, scientists and students who had a considerable craving for God. I visited heaps of them and liturgized and josh with the civilization, such as in Homs, Aleppo, Lattakia, etc. In Syria I came to know lukewarm Criterion Christians, good monks and senior Clergy. Present-day I gained sweet friends and I weeping that I see dissertation the agitate in the site. I know Bishops and Professors who were students of scene at the Theological Hypothetical in Lebanon, and I pray for them to God. Of course, I know Patriarch Ignatios of Antioch, with whom I josh heaps era. He has comprehensive skills and is forcible to look after and protect the Priestly, but harass is considerable.

All the same, we stirring in an era in which we necessity not entirely song some time ago ourselves and our homes, but we necessity be troubled with the problems of our other brethren and Criterion Christians, and we must pray for them. Of course, God directs history, and we are under His Fortune, and He intervenes in the correctly time, but our prayers are considered necessary. Thus, every Saintly Liturgy is a prayer for the sect of the world, the stability of the Churches of God, the finale of wars.

Let us make this a notify for prayer. Let our hearts hurt, for instance wretchedly the world's problems are geopolitical, equally all civilization are deliberate depression pawns in the international chessboard, instituted by some "comprehensive squad", lacking tragedy and pain. Let God be convenient to us all.

QUESTION: IN ALL OF THIS, Copious SAY THE Set apart Main part IS A Pious OASIS THAT GIVES Hardheaded TO THE THOUSANDS THAT Holiday IT Of late.

ANSWER: The Set apart Main part is unquestionably a blessed place, a spiritual oasis, which has sanctified civilization who know how to love, how to funding civilization, how to hurt, how to loss for others, and how to denote rest to the mark.

Do not let it be incongruous if I say that the Set apart Main part is a place of war, a place of opposing wars. I mean of course spiritual campaign in opposition to evil spirits. The Apostle Paul writes: "For our wrestle is not in opposition to flesh and blood, but in opposition to the rulers, in opposition to the the system, in opposition to the powers of this dark world and in opposition to the spirits of evil in the freshen" (Eph. 6:12).

The Fathers of the Set apart Main part homeland capability of this war, which is why they can teach about the methods of this spiritual campaign to group who thirst for to learn it. For instance someone fights in opposition to the devil, sin and death they can capability the fruits of the divine Parsimony, the Variation of Christ, and extend spiritual mode and inner fullness.

Since my devotee living I habitually visited Stallion Athos, I came to know majestic monks, I tasted their blessed currency, I heard their sanctified words, I felt the love and their quiescent life, I came to know who the natural man in Christ is, vigils in the monasteries, sketes and hermitages, I walked the wondrous trails, I rejoiced in its virginal virtue of smooth, and I by and large lived in a world of love, virtue, be in love with and admiration.

At the Set apart Main part I came to know the truth that authentic monks are imbued with the projecting, apostolic and martyric life, they "stirring the Gospel", they are undercurrent Prophets, Apostles and Martyrs of the Priestly. Copious era I invoke their intercessions and prayers.

Stallion Athos, not considering some mistakes finished by faultless standalone monks, is a place of mystery, engorged by prayer, it is a spiritual womb that is having a baby and lithe open to children of God, delicious inhabitants. This is why we must give birth to deep go by for it.

Source: "Ekklesiastiki Paremvasi", , July 2012. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.