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Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Witch Tools 5 Misc Tools

The Witch Tools 5 Misc Tools Cover
- Charcoal – for incense.
- Candles – short birthday candles will do in specific colours, but they must not burn out before the circle is opened. A large selection of all kinds of candles is useful.
- Candle Holders – holds the candles straight and prevents wax from getting all over the temple and the altar.
- Little Aluminum Pie Plates – because you never have enough candle holders.
- Herbing Knife – Knife used only for herbs.
- Herb and Oil Containers – use anything. Vials, film boxes, small tea-tins.
- Crystals – used for scrying and as sources of different types of healing energies.
- Herbs – for medicinal and incense use.
- Incense – Frankincense, myrrh, etc.
- Oils – used for anointing and /or blessing candles. Some fragrances correspond to gods and goddesses. Olive oil works well.
- Mortar and Pestal – to grind incense, etc.
- Parchment – To inscribe names and talismans and burn.
- Dip Pen and Waterproof Ink (Black) – for inscribing.
- Pen of Art – used for writing in the Book of Shadows.
- Candle of Art – concentration tool.
- Needles and Thread
- Cord – for cord magic.
- Geometry Set – For drawing circles and pentacles, etc.
- Scissors
- Glue
- Small Paint Brushes – for inscribing.
- Paint – white, silver, and black – for inscribing.
- A Divinatory Tool – usually Tarot cards, but whatever you are comfortable in using.
- Library – a good library of Craft books is indispensable.
- Witches Ladder – a concentration tool.
- A Magick Box – This can be anything, a cookie tin, a wooden box, etc. This is used to store the smaller pieces of your magickal equipment.
- A Familiar – any pet will do, if you have a particularly strong feeling for it. A familiar will allow you to tap its power and will also do things for you astrally. It is important to build up a mental rapport with it.
- The familiar’s Litter Box or Newspaper – Always remember to clean up after your familiar.



Complete Book of Witchcraft - Buckland, Raymond; Llewellyn; 1987
Magic, An Occult Primer - Conway, David; Mayflower; 1972
What Witches Do - Farrar, Stewart; Pheonix; 1983
A Witches Bible Compleat - Farrar, Janet & Stewart; Magickal Childe; 1984
The Symbolic Weapons of Ritual Magic - Highfield, A.C.; Aquarian; 1983
Mastering Witchcraft - Huson, Paul ; Putnam; 1970
Witches - Jong, Erica; Granada Publishing; 1982
An ABC of Witchcraft - Past and Present - Valiente, Doreen;
Pheonix Publishing Co.; 1981
Positive Magic - Weinstein, Marion; Phoenix Publishing Co.; 1981

Books in PDF format to read:

John Musick - The Witch Of Salem
Ancient Grimoires - The 8th Book Of Moses
Friedrich Adler - The Witchcraft Trial In Moscow

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