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Friday, 14 November 2008

Various Assorted Thoughts And Considerations About Ritual Magick Part 1

Various Assorted Thoughts And Considerations About Ritual Magick Part 1
"This is part one of a two part series consisting of unlike diverse viewpoint about just starting out blogsphere topics. "

It's resembling the end of the month, and there are a symbol of unimportant topics and interpretation that I would peer to meet the expense of to my reading inhabitants. I grasp completely enjoyed all of the interpretation and responses that I got for my inform on non-duality, and I grasp a few interpretation of my own to add and equally demonstrate what I held back. What's more, I grasp very soon got a version of Mr. E. A. Koetting's excellent just starting out book "Ipsissimus" where he discusses the concepts and design of account ala the Finished Ratify Route. As I read deeper inside his substantial, I command, at some place, documentation an intellect on his work. Anyhow the fact that I don't actually resist myself an partisan of the LHP philosophy, I am equally not of a mind utterly to the Upright Ratify Route either. I would equally peer to put be successful my opinions about the issues of the being of spirits, the cooperation of evocation, and learned piracy v.s. online emit (the SOPA/PIPA contend). Show are a lot topics at hand to succinctly argument, and they are for the most part contrasting, suitably the title "Not the same Varied."

Multipart PATHS TO Justification

In October of pass by rendezvous, I posted an inform entitled "Route to Justification By way of Magick," where I explained my slant on achieving account main the miraculous of ratification theurgistic magickal rituals, which I call ordeals. You can find that inform at hand, in folder you privation to review it. I grasp erroneous a path, period it is not well veteran (I am not yet "open-minded"), which would take over me to a place that is abundantly among the objectives of the Upright Ratify Route and the Finished Ratify Route, making me a promoter of neither. I necessary quote this passage, engaged from unusual blog inform at hand, which to a certain extent faraway mathematics up how I test to textbook my sense by biased neither make even demeanor.

"This is especially true for instance I resist myself neither a devotee of the disappeared hand or the simply hand path, equally a denizen of that humble grey region that is excellent a practical being than an fraternity to some path or persuasion. I want in my magickal gears to manufacture the HGA or Bornless One inside my own self, and from this time pocket myself to the level of a godhead, up till now meagerly or succinctly. This is certainly a lefthand path slant. Up till now, I equally model adulation, help and high regard to my lineage and my gods, from this time making me a devotee of the simply hand path"."

Preliminary off, I would peer to settle that biased a atypical dualistic path (RHP or LHP) is conceivably overly superficial. Usable approaches to the practice of ritual magick and its keep up item of bond with the One would necessity any magician to forge a path that is out of the ordinary and own up to his or her life path, upholding in mind the family legacy and the unlike virtues and flaws that each impartial possesses. The same as this utilitarian is that a thought argument based on ethics generally breaks down to practical requisite, and that there are as lots individualistic paths to that keep up item of spiritual unity as there are folks who might test it. Unique mysticism, or mystical traditions and paths, the path of the traditional magician real doesn't transpire. Show are certainly traditions that form the heart of any practitioner in regards to their hopeless practice, but at long last, every magician take advantage of his or her salt command withdrawal that tradition at the rear in order to fad no matter which own up and out of the ordinary to themselves. So because there are own up and set mystical traditions, there firm to be no set magickal traditions in regards to finer level pathways and practices. This equally utilitarian that the break up of RHP and LHP becomes not detrimental after a aspect place in a magician's transfer.

As I grasp confirmed in my just starting out inform on monism, it is main our own internal godhead that we are nice to stand the athletic donation of Verve in the world, and it is for instance we become completely perceptive of our own godhead, and utterly organize it, that we come again an intimate contour to that overarching Star which acts as the keep up foundation of all stuff. (We command speech a bit excellent about this issue behind in this inform.) From now, as far as functional as a ritual magician and ratification theurgistic ordeals, the crux habit and liability is to augment the godhead within one. In the manner of that awakening and integration of consciousness occurs, in addition to we can proceed with the dual mystical and magickal farm duties of completing that bond with the One.

I luggage compartment that the break up of paths, and the ideation of RHP or LHP are useful argument tools for instance one is under the level of achieving full bond with the inner godhead. At that place and older, such distinctions are conceivably hopeless.

(A tip of the hat to my reader and critic, Nik64, who gave me the accepted wisdom and creative idea to message up this place.)


One of my readers (Laugh) had some real issues with what I had very soon in print about non-dual perspectives (i.e., monism) in regards to magick and a pagan based fervent impracticality, stating that monism was by some means limited to a unique expectation and that it excludes all other perspectives, which he called "pluralism." I don't really know where he got this creative idea from, since I couldn't find in my inform where I confirmed that my slant and view was especially squeeze, and that all others were by some means false. Here's a unimportant squeeze of what Laugh held in the interpretation story line of my inform.

"The do exercises with monism (one view and one view distinct) is that public coming from a monistic expectation unendingly try to demonize other views as dualism or dualistic, even for instance there is a range (excellent than two) views"."

I really luggage compartment that Laugh was thinking about his objections to "monotheism" rather than "monism," and they are actually positively individualistic. Stating that a aspect deity is the one and distinct godhead (and all others are false) can fad a closed arrangement that eliminates the consideration of other factors, or other godheads and their spiritual creeds. Monotheism can produce exclusionary spiritual systems that show to be false pluralism. Adopting a mystical slant seems to murder the coincidental of believing in the posh truth of one's religion, and it equally separates or makes a eminence among folks who verification a acclaim based slant or contain Verve address from public who are tactfully believers. By way of the miraculous of stating that moreover the internal and impartial godhead and the keep up unified foundation are co-equal and the precise is to enshrine moreover a unitary slant as well as a pluralistic slant. Go to regularly variations of monotheism as they are connoisseur in the West hindrance the coincidental that the impartial is equally a definite godhead in their own simply, since such a slant ("All art God) would split the pro of a definite monotheistic belief. In the ages, there grasp been excellent than a few mystics who grasp been murdered or engaged to liability by high minded sectarians of their own belief, and that would comprise Jesus of Nazareth himself.

Lao Tzu says it positively well for instance he writes in the very maximum stage of the Tao Te Ching:

"Customarily desireless, one can see the mystery. Customarily desiring, one can see the manifestation. These two shoot from a deprived foundation, but move away in name"."

According to Lao Tzu, the mystery or paradox is the One that is actually None, and the pluralistic slant sees the Verve bring to life and blossoming in all stuff. I entrust that the precise capability to storage the One and the Go to regularly exists in all forms of mysticism, and is serious in regards to ritual magick, too. So I don't luggage compartment that there is an absolutist slant in monism, but there certainly can be an absolutist slant in monotheism and important sectarianism.

I equally confirmed that my idiosyncratic slant was based on the pagan theology that I artistically acknowledged as a part of equally a practicing witch. As a traditional Alexandrian witch, I understood in the poise of a Goddess and a God, and that for instance associate together, they became a softhearted of bond that has no name or discrete. Collection witchcraft (ala BTW) embraces a softhearted of "dual-theology," and that distinct some of its adherents (such as myself) command bracket that there is no matter which that transcends them moreover. Not anyone in my tradition believes that the Goddess and the God are forever associate inside a combination that is elder than the sum of their parts. Yet as soon as I grew older the confines that were careful by Alexandrian witchcraft, I equally naked the being and requisite of impartial and definite pagan Deities, since there seemed to be lots personality to the grotesque aspect of deity in my contain, and these lots personality possibly will be eagerly realized main a form of pagan polytheism.

The same as I found after lots years of practicing witchcraft and paganism is that the design of a dual-theology is freshly one way to stand the design of polytheism. Show is equally a true polytheism that sees lots individualistic gods and goddesses as definite personalities, and there is the design that all of these deities thicken inside a unique unity, which I call the One. All of these perspectives are true and squeeze, but equally detailed and distinct in the interim true. Star is, by natural world, weird, so any one unique definition, shape, picture or slant fringe no matter which that is unqualified, dreamy and countless. From now, I would luggage compartment that by making this deposition I am embracing moreover a monism and a pluralism jointly. How I can do that (and get unfashionable with it) is to settle that what is equally described can't be described. As Lao Tzu says in the maximum chapter:

"The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The unnamed is the beginning of paradise and earth. The named is the mother of ten thousand stuff"."

Unusually, this whole issue of monism, monotheism, plurality, polytheism and the individuation of the Godhead has been attainment a fair stature of buzz in unlike blogs, highest deliberately in the collected web journals that make up Patheos. Gus diZerega, who is the poet of "Pagans and Christians," brought up some very spicy points about how monotheism has some complexity for instance characterizing their Godhead as equally utterly creature and definite from everything, as a Star that is omniscient, frightful and all-powerful, because fixed equally enjoyable of equally romantic, address adept and intimate. These opposing perspectives are tactfully labeled as part of the paradox of a deity that is moreover immanent and inspirational, but there are some real complexity to this slant that labeling it all as a paradox does zero to courage. You can find his inform at hand.

Benevolently, I luggage compartment that I grasp excellent for a split second confirmed my beliefs and perspectives on this be of importance, and so I can rest my folder and move on to other topics. The distinct squabble why I grasp been working on this be of importance and its comparable perspectives in regards to the practice or ritual magick is that for instance I grasp adept the highest states of consciousness that I am nice, the resulting settle is unity. At that right peak of my magickal experiences, I am nice to technique how everything is simultaneous together, and that within that bond I grasp found the elated ecstasy of the One. I entrust that it's to a certain extent indissoluble to enthuse what I grasp adept, and suitably, it's to a certain extent indissoluble to abundantly lecture in it using words or mental models.

Wholly, I would peer to shout that I command be attending a weekend collaborative at the domicile Twice as many Cities store, the Eye of Horus, with John Michael Greer. He command be conducting a three day series of classes on pagan ceremony magick. I command be very inquiring in learning to heap what John thinks about this be of importance, since he has recourse to faraway of this substantial in print in its foundation languages, a sympathy to which I am positively shortened. These classes command be embezzle place on Friday, January 27, main Sunday, January 29. I command message up a section of this class and let you know what I luggage compartment of it. I am aspect that it command be spicy and considerate. I grasp been synchronized with John for a few months now, and I grasp found his transmit to be energizing, spicy, forceful and sometimes, positively quaint. He is unusual one of public stunning men and women, and I snowball anyone to test out these kinds of individuals and learn everything that can be widely read from them. It is an fair tactic for self-enrichment, and at long last, if you grasp rubbed elbows with satisfactory stunning men and women, you may become one yourself.

(To be continued..)

Frater Barrabbas