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Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Magic Of Spain

The Magic Of Spain Cover

Book: The Magic Of Spain by Aubrey Bell

HE magic OF SPAIN i SPANISH CHARACTER I.-Stray Opinions TO collect a mass of isolated and contradictory opinions concerning the Spanish is a comparatively simple task, although it is difficult or impossible to derive from them a consistent picture of Spanish character. To Wellington they are " this extraordinary and perverse people," to whom to boast of Spain's strength was a natural weakness. "Procrastination and improvidence are their besetting sins," says Napier, and of their conduct in the Peninsular War: " Of proverbially vivid imagination and quick resentments, the Spaniards act individually rather than nationally, and, during this war, what appeared constancy of purpose was but a repetition of momentary fury generated like electric sparks by constant collision with the French." "The Spaniards are perfect masters of saying everything and doing nothing." They have dignified sentiments and lofty expressions

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